Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 30

Oh My Goodness!  Week 30 is wrapping up!! Although this pregnancy could realistically last another 12-13 weeks (42 total).  It is far more likely that we will get to meet our little boy in just about 2 months.  Time is really flying now!

Extended Family
The Grandparents Renegar and Nana stopped in for a visit early this week.  I am so thankful for the stores of food that they prepared and left for us as well as the help catching up with the house-keeping chores. I think we have another big fan of Nana's chocolate cake on the way!
Another busy week for Dad at the ballpark - although with the rain we were able to spend more time with him than we had expected- what a blessing!  He is picking up the changing table for the baby's room as I write and I'm so excited to see further strides made in the nursery this week (photos to come when the re-design is completed!)

Mom is still tired this week thanks to the ramped up pregnancy hormones Relaxin and Progesterone.  And although I didn't think it could be any more difficult, I'm having an even harder time sleeping as my belly gets bigger (or "HUGE" as Kirk likes to say!)  

I'm proud to say that I've managed to keep up the walking, stretching, and yoga over the last few weeks and although I'm miles from my pre-pregnancy workout routine, it is nice to be up and moving around with what little energy I do have.  The uterus is now a full 4 inches above my belly button which means that baby has the ability to kick me from the inside of my ribs as he pushes my lungs and stomach out of the way.  This is leading to some nausea and shortness of breath (who knew tying your shoes could make you breath heavily!?)

Continuing the trend of 1/2 pound a week, Baby should be close to 3lbs about now (about the weight of a large cabbage).  We will have a more accurate measurement next week after our ultrasound (and new photos too!)  With that added weight, his skin is beginning to plump up more and he is becoming less wrinkled.  Brain development continues this week and some researchers believe that babies can even learn within the womb. Call me crazy, but I'm hoping to make future language classes easier for the little guy by slipping in a few conversations in Spanish.  (We'll work on the sign language once he's born).  Regardless, we know for sure that they react to outside stimuli and I've had quite a bit of fun talking to and playing with the baby. 

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