Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 26

Down to double digits - 99 days (or less) to go!  Even though I've been 'pregnant' since September 1st, I don't technically begin the 3rd trimester until around March 5th - that's what February will do to you.  But so close!

Mom has been feeling pretty good this week.  The baby bump has gotten to the point that it is actually getting the way and people I know (and some I don't) have no doubt about what is stretching out my shirt! I've had a little bit of back pain and some slight swelling when I'm on my feet all day but otherwise I seem to be sailing through the end of the 2nd trimester.

Dad has been such a sport over the last week dealing with Mom's woes - a backrub or footrub here and there has not gone unnoticed and someday I'm sure I'll return the favor. He has also been a champ dealing with the pregnancy related mood swings which have unfortunately continued this week (I'm trying!). 

The Grandparents Renegar came for a visit this weekend and helped to expose the baby to his first baseball experience.  We were also fortunate to get a mattress for the crib (a place to sleep!) and we have a car seat on the way as well (thank you Nana!!).  Although to Mom it seems like the baby's room will never be ready, thanks to all the generous people around us it really is coming together.

Baby boy continues to grow bigger and stronger (about the size of an eggplant) - and apparently longer as Mom can now feel kicks in the ribs and elbows in the bladder at the same time.  The heart continues to develop and grow stronger - to the point that it can be heard via stethoscope.  Also wrapping up development are the eyes and ears. Sometime this week baby likely opened his eyes this week and got a great view of... well - nothing exciting really, just Mom's insides!  He can hear and react to noises - as evidenced by strong kicks during both the baseball games this weekend and the church's winter worship concert (were those kicks of approval or protest?!)  The baby is also responding to touch at this time - I know this for a fact as he squirmed away from me repeatedly as I rubbed and poked at my belly the other night - just trying to get those reaction pathways going early.

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