Sunday, July 18, 2010

Whit's first photo shoot

A select few pictures from our attempted 'sleeping baby' photo shoot.

I was willing to accept the fact that most of the babies in the professional 'sleeping baby' photographs are much tinier than my linebacker, but I knew it was time to call in the professionals when my sleeping baby woke up after the first shot!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lost &Found

I cannot believe Baby Whit is more than a month old.  Where does the time go?

Instead of the boring week by week developmental milestones, I've decided to put a little flair into the blog.  This update: Lost & Found.

Lost:  Hair! Baby Whit is starting to lose his hair - between the thinning on top, receding hairline, and the newly *found* chubby belly, he's starting to resemble some of his male family members rather closely (I'm not mentioning any names!)

Also lost by Mom - some of the baby weight! Although I'm far from ready for my post-pregnancy OK! Magazine photo shoot, I'm officially back in pants that button.  It's a wonderful feeling.

Found: So many things have been found over the last 2 weeks. Whit found his thumb (I definitely have a thumb-sucker on my hands) along with his hands and arms which he now bats at our faces or any other object placed directly in front of him.  He's also found his voice this week although he has not gained full control over it.  He knows that he can make sounds and tries very hard to make them on demand. We are starting to find a bit of a schedule- life is still somewhat unpredictable, but I can count on Whit to sleep 2 long blocks of 4-5 hours at night and to have a long morning and long afternoon nap everyday.  Physically, Whit has found another pound or so and at least 1/2 - 1 inch of length. Sadly, we can no longer fit into many of the adorable 0-3 month baby clothes but that does mean that we get an entirely new wardrobe to try out in 3-6 month sizes! (Should I be concerned that my 1 month old baby can fit solidly into 3 month clothing?)  And perhaps the most fun thing that we've found just recently is the ability to smile.  If you can catch him during his most alert 'fun' time in the mid-morning, you may be lucky enough to get a wry half-smile or a full on grin with dimples.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weeks 2 and 3

Wow! Whit is nearly 3 weeks old! Again, my apologies for not getting this posted sooner - I missed the 2nd week 'birthday' so I thought I would just roll everything into week 3.

I think we are starting to get on a bit of a schedule now that we have passed the 2 week mark.  We did experience a bit of a growth spurt around day 11 - in breastfeeding terms this is labeled a 'frequency day' because the baby basically wants to eat every 1 1/2 hours for 1-3 days straight.  And since feedings are timed from the start of one to the start of the next and generally take about 30-40 minutes - once the baby had been fed, burped and changed (this takes about one hour) he would sleep for about 30 minutes (Mom and Dad would sleep about 15 minutes) and he would be ready to eat again! It was exhausting, but a part of the commitment to nature's most perfect baby food.

Big advancements this week - Whit is now holding his head up some of the time.  We do tummy time every day and he will pick up his head to look over at us.  Also, we are officially cordless! He looks so grown up with his belly button finally exposed.  And this development allowed us to take our first 'real' bath today. (Yes, I covered up his 'equipment' for modesty's sake.  We do have a good nude shot for his future girlfriends!) And we are now able to wear our adorable gDiapers.  For those of you who are curious, gDiapers are like recycling: A little extra work up front, but worth it in the end for the environmental impact and health for baby.  And not for everyone!

I'm posting a few pictures taken by Grandpa Hylton during week 1-2 and some taken by Mom and Dad during weeks 2-3.

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Oh! He looks just like...."

"Oh! He looks just like...."  Go ahead, fill in the blank.  I do it with other people's babies.  Isn't it funny though, how excited we get when we see physical similarities between ourselves and our children?  Aren't they made from us? It's a given that they should look like us!  But, that takes some of the fun out of the game. I've posted some photos below - the first two are Mommy, the last two are Daddy - and you can make up your own mind. 
My personal opinion?  The eyes, nose, and head shape are Dad - all the rest is Mom - and the full package is Whit himself.  As a wise woman once told me: "Babies don't look like anyone, they look like themselves!"