Friday, September 28, 2012

Jet Setter

If you'll remember back a few months ago, Kirk and I were amazed by how well our then 23 month old child traveled 18+ hours to Anchorage, Alaska and back in less than a week. 

Perhaps it's turning out that Whit is just an expert traveler.  This past weekend we took our first LONG car ride to Woodbridge, VA (Just 15 miles outside of Washington, DC).  Kirk's post-graduate roomate was getting married and it wasn't something we were going to miss. As our last family visit with Hunter and his yet-to-be-fiance occurred before Whit was even conceived, he obviously needed to come along for the ride.

I'll give Nanny Christine some credit here for being a champion nap adjuster keeping Whit up just long enough for us to get him into the car for a wonderful 2 hour nap that began just 10 minutes into the trip.  After a short wakeful period for dinner and some running around it was back in the car for bedtime and the remainder of the 6 hour trip (without stops!)

Granted, we had a few hiccups with nap time (it's just so much fun to play with all of the 20 and 30 something childless adults, they have so much energy) but overall Whit was a trooper the entire weekend.

We had some fun playing with the dog. (sorry, no pictures!)

We saw the sights in the capital....

Including a visit to the transportation section of the Museum of US History.

And we finally came out of our shell the last 10 minutes before we left the wedding reception and got a few good dance moves in.

All in all, I think Whit's favorite part of seeing our Nation's Capital was the opportunity to point out countless busses, firetrucks, ambulances, helicopters and airplanes.  A little boy's dream!