Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 31

I think it's time to panic!! I have just over 60 days until my due date..... and I'm really not feeling prepared.  It didn't really hit me until I typed week 31 and realized that meant I was down to single digits!! 9 weeks to go.....

Extended Family
The Grandparents Hylton and Uncle Josh came for Easter this past weekend.  It was wonderful to get to see them and I really appreciate the work they did in the baby's room.  We now have a closet that is 95% organized and a bumper set for the crib.  Grams Hylton also helped me to pick out some fantastic fabrics for the baby's hand-made quilt!

Dad continued to have a busy week despite it being spring break for him.  The week was full of baseball planning and playing - only 4 weeks left of the season (and then another 5 weeks until baby!).  The poor guy is going to go from one crazy schedule to another!

Mom doesn't really feel like she only had a 4 day work week this week! Of course, that could have to do with a double-header baseball game on Friday and a weekend full of family activity.  I did make sure to spend some time with my feet up on Sunday, but the rest of the holiday weekend was busy, busy.  I've encountered a wonderful pregnancy symptom that I think affects 99% of women who are lucky enough to be pregnant over the summer - swelling!  I've switched to flip-flops full time and I say a little 'thank you' each morning when I can still fit into my pants! This month it's not the weight gain getting me down - it's the water retention.  But what can you do when it is 80+ degrees outside in March and early April?  I really thought that I could be comfortable until at least May (wishful thinking!)   

31 Weeks
**On a side note, this pic turned out better than expected and makes me feel a little better about myself!!

Baby continues to grow and put on weight this week (wow, he's getting kinda boring - all this growing and getting fat!) and we find out on Tuesday his estimated weight.
There are some interesting things happening in brain development this week. The nerve endings in baby's ears have developed to the point that the brain can now distinguish between noises.  Instead of just hearing a humming vibration he can actually tell the difference between voices and types of music. Vision is also continuing to develop and the little guy really enjoys his time outside in the sun- apparently, my skin is translucent enough that he can actually make out the outlines of my hands when I sit in the sun with my hand on my belly.  Touch and taste are also in full swing.  The only sense that hasn't been exercised yet is smell - but the first scents baby picks up after birth (Mom and Dad) will quickly become his favorite (and most recognizable) smells.

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