Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 29

200 Days
I've officially hit (and now moved passed) the 200 day mark.  To me that means a few things.  First, it means that I've carrying this little miracle for more than 1/2 a year.  We sometimes think about our lives in days, sometimes weeks or months, sometimes years.  But consider that each child you bring into the world is with you, part of you, for nearly one entire year. The other thing it means is that I have less than 80 days to go! We are really getting down to the knitty gritty here.

Dad has been very busy this week with the first official week of the baseball season.  He had 7 games in 6 days and we didn't get see him a lot (except through the fence!).  Still, in the few hours we did get with him this week, Dad managed to sing and talk to the baby and even got him a little worked up on one occasion.  I will say that the baby's behavior at the ball games has been very good this week.  There was the exception of a few rib kicks and one stirring response to 'Eye of the Tiger' played between games.  They say that when a baby is exposed to noises during pregnancy they tend to become adjusted and are less likely to be disturbed by them after they are born.  As we plan on taking in too many ball games to count over the coming years, I'm hoping that the little guy will get used to the loud speaker, cheers, and the sound of the ball striking the bat.   Oh yes-  and a big congrats to Dad for his first regular season wins this week! Go Hawks!

Mom has been feeling good this week.  It has not been as easy adjusting to the spring baseball schedule as it was last year.  For some reason I just don't seem to have the energy to stay up late and wait for the post-game analysis or pick up the extra house-keeping duties that are being neglected with both of us out of the house at work and games.  It doesn't help that sleeping was once again difficult this week - the spring time change last weekend and the fact that the baby is able to kick my ribs and press my bladder at the same time is quite the combination.  I've also been trying to put in some extra time at work to prepare for maternity leave - I know it will be here sooner that I realize.  I did take a few minutes to pamper myself this week by giving myself a pedicure (while I can still reach my feet!).  My toes are now a happy red color that I'm hoping will stick around for the next 2 1/2 months.  Just because I won't be able to see my feet doesn't mean that other people should have to look at my un-manicured toes sticking out of my flip flops this spring!

Baby Boy now weighs over 2 1/2 pounds and is more than 15 inches long - nearly the length he will be at birth.  We can expect him to gain about1/2 pound a week putting him at 6-8 pounds at birth.  His lungs and muscles continue to develop to prepare him for the outside world and most of the weight he is adding now will come in the form of muscle and fat (yeah for chubby little cheeks!). Another milestone this week - hiccups! Although I've suspected it before, I am nearly 100% certain that the baby had a case of hiccups this week.  The feeling is often described as a consistent, rhythmic motion.  So unless the baby has learned how to tap out a beat on the Congo drums, hiccups it must be!

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  1. Looking forward to finishing the nursery in 2 weeks and start putting all the little baby things out for the little ones arrival, can't believe it is almost here, and with as busy as the next few weeks will be, it will be here before we know it. Can't wait to meet you little guy. Love ya, Grams