Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weeks 27 & 28

Yes, I'm getting to be a lazy blogger! Chalk that up to the return of pregnancy fatigue.  Welcome to the 3rd trimester!!

My wonderful sister came for a visit this past weekend and we were able to get out and about and have some 'adult' time.  A trip to some of Knoxville's tourist attractions and some small home improvement projects that didn't happen in the baby's room! Ok, it wasn't all sans-baby.  We did run across a used book sale and picked up a small library of pregnancy and baby books for just $1.50 each (per person, not per book)! It was a great time overall and I'm looking forward to the next visit in May!  Aunt Ki-Ki (yes, I did!) also had the privilege of being kicked (or possibly punched) by her nephew.

Grandpa Hylton is visiting with us now and helping to get the baby's room ready to go.  He's volunteered to do some of the less fun activities like painting and installing a closet organizer to house all of those tiny clothes and shoes that will soon be overflowing.  Not completely self-less, we will also be taking in a baseball game (weather permitting) and spending some father-daughter time together.

Dad has been very busy with baseball season this week, but we've been trying to keep him entertained during his free moments.  A triple play on day care centers took place on Friday (thank goodness that's over!) and baby has been performing acrobatics visible from the outside for his viewing pleasure.

As mentioned above, the third trimester has brought back some less than pleasant things.  I bounce between enormous energy (Yes, I would like to clean the bathroom at 4am sometimes) and fatigue. My old friend nausea came back for a visit thanks to decreasing room for my stomach. And we won't even get into the weight situation.  Let's just say that the pregnancy books say 'Most women have gained at least 10 lbs, but you may have gained up to xx pounds at this point'  (Yes, I've gained the 'up to' amount!)  But I know that it is all for the baby.  I did pass my glucose screening (for gestational diabetes) so that is one less thing to worry about - now to what curtains to put up in the room......

Baby is growing like a weed. At more than 2lbs and 14 inches from head to toe by the end of week 28 (about the size of a Chinese cabbage), space in the Mommy-motel is really getting limited.  This is reflected in movement changes from somersaults and kickboxing to squirming around for more room and protest punches whenever I lean over. The eyes that opened in the last few weeks are now blinking just like a real person's - just another training session to be prepared for life on the outside.  The brain continues to develop this week and is beginning to form ridges just like an adults. I read somewhere (and no, I'm not making it up!) that adults form new ridges on their brains whenever they learn something or create a memory.  So it makes sense that with all the learning and exploring baby is doing he would be forming some ridges of his own.

          28 weeks

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