Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 25

This week has been super busy, and I'm more than a little behind on this post, so I'm going to make it short and sweet.

Mom is definitely feeling pregnant!  Between a belly that is finally getting in the way (check out the belly shots post) and the near constant attack on my abdomen, there is no doubting the condition I'm in!  The only downside is the continued pregnancy insomnia.  Yes, I know when the baby comes he will keep me up all night, but it would be great if he could wait another 3 months before he starts!!

Baby is continuing to put on weight and growing in length.  His hands are fully formed and this week he can begin to master instinctual gross motor skills such as grasping.  With a rapidly developing brain, he will continue to explore his surroundings by touch.
The nostrils (which have been plugged until now) have opened and baby has taken the next step to prepare his lungs by truly 'breathing' in amniotic fluid to open up the sacs.
Also developing this week are the spinal structures.  Although we have been able to see the 'spine' in ultrasounds before now, the individual joints and ligaments are all coming together this week.

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