Thursday, January 7, 2010

Weeks 18 & 19

We've just wrapped up weeks 18 and 19.  Here's what we have accomplished.

Mom is still feeling tired - it's tough working all week and making a baby! I'm finally into maternity clothes and not thrilled about it.  It's been more than 10 years since I went maternity shopping with my aunt Susan and I would have thought that some progress could have been made since then.  I do love my new super-comfy blue jeans and work pants, but I struggle to find anything else that really suits my style.  Even though I can't fit into my regular clothing, I don't have much to show for the last 4 1/2 months, (belly pictures coming soon) but I'm sure that there will be quite a transformation between now and June.

The baby is now the size of a small Mango - nearly 1/2 a pound and 9 inches from head to toe! The last two weeks have been used to grower bigger and stronger - so strong that Mom can now feel kicks and rolls!!
The baby is also covered by a coating of Vernix - not very pretty, but important to keep that skin soft and baby smooth. This usually disappears shortly before delivery. The brain is becoming more developed allowing for the baby to taste what Mom eats and control their movements better - so maybe some of those kicks are intentional?

Between 18 and 20 weeks an ultrasound can normally show gender - we were lucky enough to find out that we have a little baby boy on the way! I have a great shot that shows this clearly, but I thought I would maintain my son's dignity and not post it for everyone to see.

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  1. Getting more excited as time goes by, can't wait until I can feel our little one kick, and can't wait to hold the precious bundle of joy. We love you so much already and you are not even here. Everyone keeps telling me if you think you loved your children, just wait you hold your grandchildren. If that is the case you will be greatly loved. Looking forward to more updates and getting ready to start your nursery soon. Love you. Grams