Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 20

Week 20 is the halfway point for pregnancy (for the 2% of people who actually deliver on their due dates!)

We have officially completed week 20 and are on the downward count toward our due date - yeah!!


Mom is finally starting to look pregnant.  I had my first outside comments from co-workers and friends about the ever-expanding belly.  Still no comments from strangers although the sales associate at the maternity store didn't ask me if I was shopping for a friend, so I must be looking the part!

I'm starting to be able to distinguish the baby's kicks from rolls and yes, he is kicking me in the middle of the night most nights - doesn't he know that I'm trying to sleep?  But really, I love it - it is the most unexpected and miraculous thing about being pregnant. 


Dad is getting his first update this week! An innocent bystander so far, Dad is starting to play a more active role in the pregnancy.  This is mostly due to me asking for things to be carried up and down the stairs and negotiating the schedule for our childbirth classes and baby showers. He has tried to feel the baby kick - and may have been successful - but I'm suspicious that the thought of something (or someone) being 'inside me' sort of weirds him out. I won't even begin to touch on our recent discussions on childbirth with friends who have children - let's just say that Dad is in for an experience like never before!


Baby boy is growing quickly - measuring more than 10 inches long from head to toe and weighing more than 10 ounces.  Nearly fully formed, the baby really looks like a tiny person with correctly proportioned arms and legs, fingerprints, eyebrows, and even teeth below the gums! The next 20 weeks will be used mainly for growing and adding fat to make those tiny arms and legs even more kissable. 

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