Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 22

Another day or two and we have officially completed week 22, the end of month 5! Only 4 more months to go!!

The belly continues to grow and although it's not yet 'in the way' I cannot get quite as close to the sink as I could before. This means that people are now noticing that I'm expecting although it still startles me when complete strangers pop up behind me and ask me when I'm due.  "Due for what?!" is my typically response.... followed by "OH! The Baby comes in June!"

Between the 4th and 6th month of pregnancy stretch marks can begin to be seen due to that ever increasing girth.  My fingers are crossed that I have inherited my mother's good genetics and will continue to go mark free!  The thought of stretch marks can keep plenty of mothers up at night - for me it is a different scenario. Some traveling for work has lead to longer nights (thank goodness the busy season is nearly over) but mostly it's my night owl baby who seems to do the Hokie Pokie each night just as I start to drift off to sleep.

Dad put the crib together this week!! I'll post a pretty photo as soon as we get a mattress and sheets put in there - right now it's just walls and bottom - not a lot to look at.  He is also taking the lead in money and budgeting worries "Do people know how expensive childcare is?!?!"

Baby boy continues to grow - nearly 1lb and 12" long by the end of this week - or about the size of a spaghetti squash (no wonder I'm getting so big!).  One more week until we can get an exact weight at our next ultrasound appointment.  Eyelashes are fully formed - will he get Dad's dark lashes, or Mom's blond-tips?  Also formed this week was the inner ear - giving the baby a better sense of balance and his surroundings.  This means more exploration (i.e. movement) - and since his home stays relatively the same brightness 24/7 who can really fault him for choosing to explore at midnight? Let's hope that trend ends shortly after birth.  The final development of the ears also means that the baby can hear outside sounds and loud noises can startle him, or wake him from sleep.  So, yes Dad, even though the baby has not yet arrived, you still cannot shout loudly during the super bowl - he might be sleeping! 

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