Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week 19

October 5-11

This week we finally heralded the news to the world about the new baby making it's presence known. And making it's presence known the baby is.  

Baby is growing bigger this week.  Of course, that will be his or her job for the next several years.... just getting bigger (and being adorable, of course). Baby is over 6 inches long now and is coming in on a full pound.  Although Mama is ready to meet this baby who hasn't stopped wiggling, clearly he or she is not quite big enough to join the family yet.  For now I'll have to settle for the kicks, punches and rolls that are a little stronger every day and hope that this little one stays put through what is already becoming a very cold winter.  Mama is getting a little bigger as well although not quite big enough for it to be obvious for to strangers.  Soon enough I think, sooner if I were to really showcase the bump.  For now, I'm happy keeping the belly more or less under wraps until it's too big to hide.  You know... that whole strangers touching you thing really weirds me out. 

Whit looked at me this week and asked "Mama, where is the Baby?  Baby with Mama?"  I answered "Yes, the baby is still with Mama, here it is,", and pulled back my shirt to reveal the bump.  Whit responded "Oh! Baby! Kiss the Baby" and kiss the baby he did.  It was quite sweet.  I know it is becoming more difficult for him because he isn't allowed to tackle Mama or climb on Mama.  And Mama cannot carry him around the way she used to.  But hopefully Whit will love the baby as much as we do and as much as we love him. 

Mama is getting restless and is ready to get things arranged for this little one who's arrival will surely be here sooner than we really expect once we traverse the rapidly moving holiday times and the ever eventful transition from fall to spring semesters. Still, I should probably wait to find out if we will have another mini-version of Kirk or if perhaps this time we will get dresses and long curly hair.  Only time will tell! 

ps - here's a re-cap of where we were with Whit at week 19

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