Monday, October 22, 2012


As an avid book reader I was very concerned in the first few years of Whit's life that he would be far more concerned with other things to become involved in reading.  Not that being a "reader" makes you a better person or even makes you good.  I've been known to lose myself in a good book and render myself basically deaf and blind outside of the story I'm in.  But reading does have benefits.  Children who read, or are read to frequently, tend to perform higher than average in school and develop better writing and communication skills as they get older.  Plus, reading is FUN! (yes, I know I sound like a big dork when I say that).

Much to my amazement, over the last six to twelve months Whit has gradually turned into quite the bookworm. We began reading at bedtime when Whit was about 18 months old and we could barely make it through one book before he was ready to be asleep. Now we have to limit him to two or three books a night or we would still be reading well beyond bedtime.  In the last few weeks Whit has tried to negotiate and sometimes sneak additional books before turning in.  Many nights I've turned off the light with him still standing at the bookshelf.

And then the other morning I was making Whit's bed and what did I find but two books wedged underneath the pillow.  Apparently, we've been reading in bed with the lights out - an amazing feat!  I don't think I need to worry about Whit's love of books anytime soon.  And Baby Girl seems to enjoy story time well.

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