Sunday, October 7, 2012

Twice as nice - Part 1

Those of you who have been reading my blog posts recently could not have missed the love that has been floating around the Renegar house.  Is it any wonder that God chose this time in our lives, when we are so full of love, to bless us with another child?  It doesn't surprise me in the least.

If you know my history, you'll understand why I'm beginning this post on July 7th (yet again doing something other than celebrating the anniversary of my marriage to the best husband I could have) and you will not be reading it for several weeks or months. Still, I want to write as I'm experiencing rather than writing as I'm looking back as I did with Whit.

Keep in mind that it's hard to tell exactly where you are in pregnancy as all of the information is calculated in just a little bit of a different way.  Usually, you are considered X weeks when that week is completed, but if your baby was created a little later than "average" you could be several days behind.

Week 3 (June 16-22)

Baby - The embryo is going through a lot of basic growth with the beginning development of the brain, spinal cord, heart and gastrointestinal tract.  It's amazing how much is happening when the Mama doesn't even suspect she's having a baby!

Week 4 (June 23-29) Week 5 (June 30-July 6) 

Week 4 was completed around June 28th, just about the time that we headed home to VA for a long visit.  With all of the hustle and bustle, it would be several days before I realized that there was a possibility I might be pregnant.  Spoiler Alert: Surprise!! 

 Kirk, in all innocence asked me in casual conversation "Why, are you pregnant?" and my answer was "Yeah, I think so..."  What a way to break the news to your husband, right?  I wasn't sure, but I abhor lying, so I wasn't about to tell him "no" and have to change that a week later.

Baby - Arm and legs buds are visible, but not clearly distinguishable.  The heart is now beating!! The placenta has begun to form and there is movement of rudimentary blood through the main vessels. The baby (embryo) is 1/4 inch long by the end of week 5.

Week 6 (July 7-13)

So here we are at the start of week 6 as I begin this blog post.  I will most likely be updating weekly and publishing when we feel it's time to share the news with the world.  

We (mostly Kirk) put together Whit's big boy bunk beds on Thursday when we returned from VA.  The crib got relocated to our bedroom instead of the attic. It's a good thing because come March we're going to need it!  I already feel a kinship with this child as he or she is joining the family in the same way that I did.  My parents have often told me "You weren't a surprise, really... you just came a few months sooner than we planned."   I'm feeling quite good, no true pregnancy symptoms yet and a decent amount of energy.  I had a few days of tiredness as I cut the final bit of caffeine from my diet; something I started a month or so ago because I knew we were going to expand our family soon and it's not healthy to consume a lot of caffeine during pregnancy.  I think my energy level has been helped by my nearly daily run or walk which, again, I started so that I would be in better physical shape before and during my pregnancy.  I'm glad I started when I did! 

Baby - This week begins the formation of the lungs, jaw, nose and palate.  The hand and feet buds have webbed structures that will become fingers and toes. The brain continues to form and you might be able to get a heartbeat via ultrasound.  (we haven't even scheduled our first appointment, so I doubt that is happening!)

Big Brother - We have started asking Whit "... where is the baby?"  It is our intention to teach him this in the next 4 weeks so that he can be the one to share the news with our immediate family.  Tonight, the second time we've asked him, Whit replied "In the box!" and pointed to his toy box... not sure where that answer came from!

Mama - Mama is feeling so good it's hard to tell I'm actually pregnant. Of course, I don't remember having much morning sickness with Whit either so hopefully I can be as lucky this time. Obviously I am pregnant, those little pink lines don't lie, but I'm anxious to get to the midwife next week so that I can have someone other than a piece of plastic and cardboard tell me the news.

Looking Back - Here's a link to our 6, 8 and 10 week ultrasounds of Whit.  I doubt we will have as many this time around so enjoy!

Week 7 (July 14-20)

It's hard to believe that it's week 7 already! This week has been nerve wracking for me and not just because of baby.  It's been both very long and at the same time has passed quickly.  This week we met our potential care providers and are trying to make a decision, its both mine and Kirk's last week of school and our last real week home before school begins (hard to believe, right?)

Baby - At 7 weeks, every essential organ has begun to form.  The elbows and toes are more visible as the trunk begins to straighten out. The baby begins the seventh week about 4 mm and more than doubles in size by the end of the week. The brain continues to grow and brain waves are present.  Arms, legs, hands and feet become more distinguishable.

Big Brother - Whit is continuing on as normal this week, he's been very Mommy-centered which makes me wonder if he isn't more aware of what's going on with Mama than everyone else.

Mama - Morning sickness arrived this week.  It actually has not been too bad, I'm still running which is helping to stave of both fatigue and nausea.  Otherwise I'm feeling good and ready to be in the 2nd trimester! (still 6 or 7 more weeks to go!)

 Weeks 8, 9, 10 & 11 (July 21-August 17)

Baby - (8) The ears are continuing to form and everything that is present in an adult is present in the tiny embryo. The bones are forming and the muscles can contract.  The facial features mature and the eyelids develop.  Sometime in the next week spontaneous movement begins.(9) The baby is no longer an embryo and is now officially a fetus (meaning small one).  Many of the integral developmental stages are passed, all major systems are present although many are still developing and just beginning to function.  This week male or female sex organs are present although still much too small to see. (10) The biggest accomplishments this week are that the tail has disappeared (really just the end of the spinal cord) the eyes have fused shut and the heartbeat can be heard via handheld doppler. (11) This week the fingers and toes have completely separated, the taste buds are starting to develop and baby can stick out his or her tongue and swallow.

Big Brother - Whit is acting older every day.  His language continues to develop along with his physical and social skills. See more on this in my Wonderful Words series. Whit truly enjoyed his vacation weeks, first at the lake with the Brevard gang and then at Myrtle Beach with Nana, Papa and Uncle Eric (Ek-ick).  You can see more about that here.

Mama- I think these four weeks marked the pinnacle and beginning descent of morning sickness and fatigue for me.  I had a hard time hiding how I was feeling while on vacation and I'm not sure that I was successful.  But thankfully as I wrapped up week 10 I began having a little more energy and a little less nausea. My biggest pregnancy symptom?  I'm craving meat! I managed to get through all of my pregnancy with Whit and a couple of years nursing him without adding animals back to my diet. Not this time.  This baby wants protein and some days I wander around the kitchen searching for something, anything other than what my heart is telling me I really want.... A big steak or a nice ham biscuit! I've been able to substitute eggs, beans and nuts often, but the other day I craved and added a stack of ham to my mac and cheese.

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