Sunday, October 7, 2012

Twice as Nice - Part 2

I decided to split this post into 2 so that there wouldn't be quite so much to digest at one time!   So here are weeks 12-18.

Week 12 (August 18-24)

Baby - This week the baby is mostly formed and can now concentrate on those final weeks of development and several weeks of growing. The fully formed eyes are fused shut and will stay that way until around month 7. Hair is appearing on the head, fingernails on the fingers and toes, and tooth buds are present below the gums. The baby is moving around spontaneously and can get the hiccups and suck his or her thumb. 

Big Brother - We are still working on how to explain to Whit that there is a baby coming.  Whenever he makes a big deal over babies (Whit LOVES babies) I always say "You are getting a baby brother or sister soon."  But without a big, moving belly, or an actual baby, I know it's a difficult concept to master.  Besides, Whit is far to busy adapting to pre-school to worry too much about a sibling just yet. 

Mama - I'm finally beginning to get a little less nauseated although it is sticking around a little longer than I would like.  I have another week before we are officially out of the first trimester and at that time I'm hoping that my energy level will pick up a little and I can stop accidentally falling asleep with Whit during his 8:30 bedtime routine.  This week we had our second midwife appointment and I got to hear a strong heart beat of 160 bpm.  It was a little strange for both Kirk and myself to not have a photo of the baby to take home with us and stranger still that I don't go back to the midwife for another 6 weeks, but I continue to enjoy this more relaxed approach to pregnancy.  Why over analyze something that is a God-created miracle?  Trust in the plan.  

Week 13 (August 25-31)

Baby - This week the baby is about 3 inches long and weighs about an ounce.  All that swimming around in the amniotic fluid has created completely unique little swirls that will someday be recorded as Baby's fingerprints. The baby can make sucking and swallowing motions (preparing for those ever-yummy first meals!) and can make fists and control some movement.  The last 3 months have been a time of rapid development and the next 3 months will see rapid growth for both Baby and Mama. 

Mama & Daddy - Mama (Daddy too) is starting to feel the effects of the first 3 weeks of school.  I had a great early pregnancy, going to bed early, sleeping in, 2 hour afternoon naps.  All (or most) of that went by the wayside when school began.  I'm still trying to get the rest I need without letting anything fall... back to that balancing act again.  We've begun telling some close friends this week.  Sorry if you weren't the first, most of the tells were somewhat accidental or just because they asked.  Of course, both mine and Kirk's co-teachers were the first to realize that something might be up.  We still haven't decided when to share the news with everyone as we aren't much on big announcements that draw the attention to us (shocking, I know, for those of you who have known us through our adolescent years!) 

Big Brother - The sweetest thing I heard this week came from Whit's former Nanny.  When we shared the news with her (why not, as her husband will be the baby's pediatrician), she said "Oh, that will be so great for Whit."  This is something I fully agree with.  I think I mentioned before that I'm not one to make a decision without thinking of the effects on our entire family. Although this child surprised us by entering our lives a few months before they were planned, we still decided to have a baby in part for Whit.  He is such a caring and loving little guy.  He's going to make a great big brother and I feel so blessed to get to watch the relationship between him and his sibling(s).  Not only is Whit lucky to be getting a younger sibling to love and take care of, but this baby is lucky to be getting such a great Big Brother as we know Whit will be. 

Week 14 (September 1-7)

Baby - This week baby continues to learn new tricks.  He/She can swim around in the womb and even suck their thumb! Lanugo (that fine, dark hair that keeps baby warm) is beginning to grow and will soon cover his/her entire body.

Mama & Daddy - Or perhaps I should change this to "Mommy & Daddy" since Whit has taken to calling me "Mommy" more often.  I suppose the new baby will call me whatever Whit does. Nothing much going on here.  Mama feels so good now that the 1st trimester symptoms are behind me that sometimes I find it hard to believe that I am truly pregnant. Especially because I'm still (barely) able to button my pants!

Big Brother - This week Whit is learning to be more gentle with Mama.  No more tackling and using Mama as your personal jungle gym.  Not that I loved being climbed on before, but it's probably a good idea to use a little more caution now that my abdomen is filling up with Baby. 

Week 15 & 16 (September 8-14 and September 15-21)

Baby - Now that we are comfortably in the 2nd trimester, the baby is nearly fully formed and is working on getting bigger and stronger.  The baby is now able to make faces as he/she practices for those emotion discovery days that big brother is currently going through. The skin is still see-through and baby is still small enough to fit in the palm of our hands.

Mama & Daddy - The entire family traveled to DC this week (see more here) and both Mama and Daddy are feeling the effects.  I'm also still feeling the effects of pregnancy, working and taking care of an energetic 2 year old. Still, my energy level is creeping back up to pre-pregnancy levels and I'm hoping for continued smooth sailing throughout the 2nd trimester.  In other news, the baby bump has finally arrived.  Although I'm not quite able to fit into my maternity clothing, it probably won't be much longer.  The belly is not very big yet, but those who are in on the secret can definitely tell.  Everyone else is likely commenting (politely, behind closed doors) on how I've clearly been indulging in too many desserts lately! 

Big Brother - Big brother has finally figured out where the baby is!  When I ask him if the baby can have a kiss goodnight he toddles right over to my now slightly protruding belly and plants a kiss just below my belly button.  I'm sure the love won't last when the new baby is stealing away all of Mommy's time. Until then, I am attempting to spend as much one-on-one time with Whit as possible.  Play trucks? Absolutely.  Go outside? Sure!  Tackle? Well...maybe another time....

Week 17 & 18 (September 22-28 and September 29-October 5)

What? It's October already... and I'm nearly halfway through this pregnancy?  ....and I haven't told everyone yet? ....what is wrong with me?  Oh yeah, I like secrets and I don't love attention.

Baby - Baby is working on growing bigger.  Over the next 4 weeks Baby will more than double in size by depositing fat stores (yes, carbohydrates for dinner!) and will also begin to develop the vernix. Other news this week is that baby can now hear what is going on in the world around him or her and starts having sleep and waking cycles similar to that of a newborn.

Mama, Daddy & Big Brother - In a rare moment of alone time, not working, Whitfield asleep, Mama and Daddy sat on the couch and just spent time together.  As with Whit, as soon as Kirk began to speak, Baby started wiggling!  It's clear that although this baby is just as excited to hear Daddy talking, he or she most certainly does not have the non-stop "go" setting that Big Brother follows. Whit is finally recognizing what "kiss the baby" means although he has yet to conceptualize or verbalize outside of that endearing action.

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