Tuesday, June 1, 2010

39 weeks

39 weeks.  Yes, I still have 1 more week until my due date.  No, I have not gone into labor, had the baby, gone to the hospital, etc.  No, you aren't getting any more details than that! I have the same feeling about it as I did about posting the 'it's a boy' ultrasound pictures and random people touching my belly (thank goodness I've avoided that by shooting nasty looks at anyone who has come close). Some things are better left a mystery and in my opinion, how a woman's body is changing before childbirth is one of them.  Now don't worry, we will be sure to let everyone know when the big day comes - but please be patient, it could still be another 3 weeks away.

Friends and Family
 A big shout out to Uncle Josh for graduating from high school this weekend! We are so proud of him!! And the baby had better plan to make it up to both of us that we had to miss the big event.  For some reason doctors don't like you to travel 4+ hours so close to your due date... but I'm not sure why!

Dad is anxious to meet his son!  That might be all that needs to be said. He has finished up with school and has now started in on summer baseball.  He's also been reviewing everything that we have learned in childbirth classes so that when the big day comes, he will be ready.

Unfortunately, I am becoming more uncomfortable as the days go on.  I've still managed to make it out to buy the very last of the baby things and I'm making it to work everyday, but long gone are the breezy days of the late 2nd and early 3rd trimester.  Bottom line, I'm ready.  And I'm starting to understand why women would choose to be induced, even if I don't think it's the best scenario.  It's tough being pregnant, especially weeks 38-whenever you deliver!  But as we are opting for natural, med-free childbirth, induction is no where in the plan unless I get to blog 'Week 42'.   I'd like to give all of those who ask a date for when they can expect the baby, but clearly his birthday is a secret that's between him and God and I have no say in the matter. When he's ready, he'll come - I just hope that I can handle all of the 'when are you due?'  and 'you haven't had the baby yet?' questions without hurting anyone. (You have been warned!)

Baby continues to love his current lodgings and seems to have no plan to change location anytime soon.  He's  getting bigger and stronger as each day goes by and more ready to enter the world. I have been instructed to keep up with his movements every day by 'counting kicks' (or rolls, turns, anything really). Although I've noticed he has begun sleeping for longer stretches - one to two hours instead of 30 minutes at a time, nothing else has really changed. There is a foot that likes to kick just below my ribs on the right side and sometimes if I'm lucky I can get a hand on it and push back.  I've also noticed some personality coming out already.  The baby loves music.  Me singing, the radio, Kirk singing - anything will get him kicking as long as he's not in one of his 'deep sleep' periods.  And sometimes if we can get the music really loud he'll even wake up and join the party.
He's getting a lot more attention and conversation from both Mom and Dad as we tend to spend about an hour a day negotiating with him to be born.  As I'm sure will be the story for years to come, he's calling all the shots now.  And, since his due date is still one week away, I guess we will allow him to chill a little longer although we are both looking forward to meeting this little guy!

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