Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 1

As I write this, Baby Whit is officially 11 days old.  Closer to 2 weeks than one.  But for those of you that have had an infant, I think I'm doing alright to get this out so soon!

Some of the events of week one have already been shared.  Most notably, Whit's birth on the evening of  Monday June 14th.  We were discharged from the hospital the following Wednesday afternoon.  While at the hospital, Whit managed to gain a dominant place in the hearts of both his parents and grandparents.  With such a cute little face, could you see it happening any other way?

Our first few days at home are now a bit of a blur to me.  After giving birth vaginally to a 9 1/2 lb baby, I was on some pretty strong pain killers heading home. I do know that Whit quite enjoyed his first car ride even if it took his parents a good 15 minutes to figure out how to adjust the straps on his car seat.  Thank goodness we did this in the hospital and not in the car in the heat!

Grams Hylton and Nana Renegar were on hand for the first few days home and I cannot imagine making it without them.  There aren't enough thank yous for them.  As first time parents, Kirk and I spent much of the first 48 hours at home just making sure the baby was breathing! But for some reason, we were able to relax and sleep if he was in the care of our mothers.

Friday was Whit's first Doctor's appointment which started out with high expectations.  As it was his first official outing, we had him dressed to the nines and ready to party.  After having some trouble locating the office, we walked into the office just 2 minutes before appointment time.  Luckily, we know the doctor well and he was not phased by the following events.  For Whit's first weigh-in, they stripped him down naked.  Of course, he had a wet diaper and the office didn't have newborn sizes so he ended up in a diaper that was too big.  Once back in the exam room, he promptly filled up his diaper!  Concerned that it would 'come out the sides' Daddy wanted to change him.  For those of you who have met Whit, you know that he despises having his clothing taken on or off unless he's been well-fed first. The same goes for diaper changes, especially in strange environments.  Re-diapered and screaming, the nurse comes in for the heel stick to test his bilirubin levels. The doctor suggests that I nurse him to calm him down during the procedure which can take 10 minutes of squeezing blood out of the heel.  However, my milk had just come in and without getting into too much detail, that task was easier said than done. So onward we battled!  Just as the nurse finished with the heel stick, Whit filled his diaper again - this time the biggest blow-out we've seen yet.  And the poop had finally changed from dark meconium to nice juicy breast milk poop.  He had it everywhere! Mom and Dad struggled to get a second diaper change taken care of with a screaming baby without getting covered in the mess from the diaper. But we got the job done and decided to drive home to feed Whit instead of waiting for the bilirubin test results.  No sooner had we gotten home, fed the baby, and grabbed some lunch ourselves than we got the call to head to Children's hospital to be evaluated for high bilirubin levels and to sign up for home photo-therapy (see 'Under the Lights').  All in all, a very tiring day for baby and parents, especially the parents that have now slept about 6 hours in the last 6 days.

Whit wrapped up week one with a nice, calm Sunday visiting with the Grandparents Renegar and then Aunt Kristin and Uncle Josh who I think were also blown away by his cuteness.  And if you managed to get through all of this, your reward is below - pictures!

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