Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The List

I think I've written before on nesting...  Sometimes I feel as though I've been nesting this entire pregnancy.  And, really, it was the same with Whit.  Both times I've spent a good portion of the beginning and middle part of my pregnancy organizing everything so that I won't feel guilty during my leave.

This time I've also been stocking the deep freezer and doing other sometimes random things.  Baking and sewing projects have been a focus (maybe because this is a girl?) and I have just one or two things left on the list before I will feel absolutely ready for baby.  I do have some more sewing projects I want to finish, but I figure I'll have some time coming up to work on them since I thankfully do not have to return to work ASAP.

I'm just now getting away from organizing and into cleaning, so I know baby won't be here today, but it's getting closer.  I resorted to scrubbing the walls about 4 days before I went into labor with Whit so I'm expecting that to be a sure sign of things to come!

Cooking/Food Projects

Stock the freezer
Make meals for after baby
For some reason I decided I needed a sourdough starter...

That makes great cinnamon rolls....

And bread!

The nearly full deep freezer

The very full fridge/freezer

Read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
Read Childbirth Without Fear
Write Birth Plan 

Sewing/Crafy Projects

Hospital gowns for delivery
Hospital gowns for after baby comes (nearly finished!)
Baby hat (decreasing...)
Baby gown
Receiving Blankets


Setup co-sleeper
Setup carseat
Organize clothing
Install diaper sprayer (showing up today!)
Organize laundry area
Pack hospital bag and Baby bag

Unexpected Nesting Projects
Organizing Whit's toys
Cleaning out the fridge
Cleaning the car (several times)

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