Thursday, March 14, 2013

and counting...

Week 41: March 7-13


41 weeks and Baby girl is still nice and snug, enjoying her time wrapped up with Mommy.  I thought perhaps the new moon on Monday would budge her a bit, but it seems that she's really trying to be a spring baby. (The first day of spring is March 20th). We did find out on the ultrasound this week that Baby Girl is a good size and will likely come out with some very kissable chubby cheeks (we just hope she comes out soon!)

There was really only a 40% chance of Baby girl showing up before this week, so I shouldn't have been surprised when she didn't.  There was a 35% chance of her showing up this week... which also didn't happen... So that leaves a 20% chance of Baby coming in the next week and only a 5% chance of her coming after that.  I doubt I will be allowed to go beyond 43 weeks so I know that by the end of this week, March 14th, I'll have her with me within the next 14 days.  Grams Hylton is flying in tomorrow from Alaska for a 2 1/2 week stay and I will feel bad if she only gets a few days with baby, but I have to be cognizant that there is SOME reason that Baby Girl hasn't arrived yet. 

Big Brother

Big Brother got a special treat this week.  Not enough that Nana came to visit him at his house, but then Mommy and Daddy, after nearly 3 years, finally caved to the pressure of allowing him to visit Nana and Papa's house all by himself.  Granted, if I wasn't 41 weeks pregnant and on the verge of giving birth (I hope!) I probably wouldn't have given in this time either...

I'm looking forward to hearing his stories of all the fun he got to have while away from the rule keepers.   


My last day of work was today (Wednesday) then I'm taking off Thursday to pick up Grams.  I decided that there was really no reason to go back to work on Friday.  So maternity leave is officially here and still no baby.  As the several people who are maintaining my sanity keep saying "Everything in God's time."  I'm trying so hard to be patient! I am also trying to enjoy being child-light but I do miss my little man an awful lot.


This week was Daddy's first official week of the season.  Unfortunately he was rained out on Monday and we had to maintain the suspense of that first game a little longer. But he got a big win on Tuesday and is really looking forward to the rest of the season.  We will miss him when he goes out of town this weekend but I'm sure Whit, Grams and I can keep busy. 

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