Thursday, March 7, 2013


So, coincidentally (or not) our sermon last Sunday involved numerology.  We discussed how 3 means the trinity, 7 means perfection, 10 is completeness.  And 40, well, 40 means "a long time."

Yes, 40 weeks seems to be a long time.  But, when you think about your life, 9 months isn't really that big of a chunk. Why not enjoy it? Why wish for it to be over (other than really, really wanting to meet this little lady!?)

In addition, a quote was shared with me this week that pretty much sums it up. "‎Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we're waiting for." -Charles Stanley

March 1st- March 7th - the BIG DAY! (or not)

In my mind, I knew it was unlikely that I would birth before 40 weeks. Yes, statistically there was about a 50/50 chance this angel would join us before that.  But realistically when you consider family history and the fact that Whit was born after 41 weeks the numbers start to skew toward that 40-42 mark. (Even the 41-42 mark)

Some good news? Baby is growing and moving and just enjoying being snug and warm right now.  And Mommy is enjoying the last days (or weeks, or hours!) of being pregnant. The "to-do" list is nearly complete (ok, the house will never be "clean"), and everything is ready for Baby except Baby herself.  Plus, the help arrives in just a couple of days.  Nana Renegar and Opie will be here for a few days before Grams Hylton gets in from Alaska.  So... Mommy can put her feet up and relax.  Or, more likely, spend some time squatting and doing cat-cow to move the bambino into a good birth position.

Most practitioners start discussing induction after 40 or 41 weeks (the OB I saw last week actually mentioned inducing right at 40 weeks....) but I'm comfortable being pregnant as long as this little one needs me to be.  Some babies just need a little more time to develop and induction comes with more risks than staying pregnant once you really look at it.  Thankfully, now that I've discussed it with them, the OBs at UT are also comfortable with me continuing this pregnancy as God intends.  I'm sure we will need to take a closer look if I make it to 42 weeks, but that gives Baby Girl and I a full 14 days to get down to business.

39.5 weeks
Big Brother

Whit is finally starting to get the fact that a new little soul is joining our family.  When I set up the co-sleeper he got very excited and said "Yeah! The Baby's bed is here!" then when we put the carseat in the car a few days later he completely *got* that the seat was for the baby.  Then he yelled at my belly and told the baby to "come out, please!" Something he clearly picked up on from his father.


Daddy is getting more excited by the day.  Earlier this week we had a bit of a false alarm and it really put into perspective how soon this baby will be here.

Days, really.... just not today.... So, to all of those I love who want to know:  Have I had the baby yet? 

P.S. Statistics again...  
Odds of having the baby in the next week (by 41 weeks, March 13th) 64%
Odds of having the baby in the 2 weeks (by 42 weeks, March 20th) 96%
Odds of having the baby in the next 3 weeks (by 43 weeks, March 28th) 100%

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