Sunday, April 11, 2010

32 Weeks

We're headed for the finish line....

Dad has been working very hard this week - leading his team to 2 wins and a great battle with the #1 team in the district.  He owes some of this improvement to a very intense 'talk' with his players after a disappointing performance earlier in the week.  Watch out baby - don't make Daddy mad!!

Mom has been feeling great this week - and is very excited about the news that my work out routine and healthy eating changes helped me to gain a very normal 3 1/2 lbs last month. I am finding it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position - but once I do I'm sleeping like a baby (oh wait! They don't sleep, or so I've been told!). I've also been having what I believe to be Braxton-Hicks contractions - just a mild tightening that isn't painful, or really even uncomfortable. 

The baby has developed a new skill this week - he can now sense temperature.  That makes the ultrasound tech's comment about cold ultrasound gel making him move make much more sense!  Of course, this also means that Dad's hot hands will also wake him up and make him move. Speaking of movements, unless it's into my ribs, the baby has changed from kicks and punches to rolls and squirms.  All of the baby books say that by 32 weeks the baby has started to run out of room due to weight (3 1/2 lbs on average) and more than 16 inches long.  Of course, at an estimated 4 1/4 lbs - this kid is definitely cramped for space. The baby is supposedly sleeping 95% of the day, but unless his schedule has flipped and he's now sleeping when I am, I don't buy it!  I feel that squirming and moving much more than just an hour total each day. However, during those sleeping times the baby now has the ability to dream - although what he dreams about will always be a mystery.

This is probably what the baby and his living space looks like about now.

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