Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 24

This week is more of the same for Mom.  Getting used to the extra weight and shift in my center of balance would be trying even if I wasn't already a klutz!  The 'baby bump' has officially become a 'pregnant belly' and although I've managed to avoid strangers touching me so far, I know it will happen in the near future!  I'm currently trying to think up ways to keep people outside of my personal space area, but I know that having a large belly is basically like wearing a 'please touch me' sign, isn't it?

Dad is the only person so far that has the free invitation to touch the belly.  Someone touching my belly can usually feel the baby moving or kicking, but for some reason our little guy settles down as soon as Dad's hand gets close.  We will have to try with some of our other visitors that are due over the coming weeks!     

Mom and Dad
We bought baby books this week!  Up until now, most of my reading on 'what to expect' has come from the internet.  But with some time to kill before date night this weekend, we decided to stop by the bookstore for some reading materials.  We are now reading up on labor and birth as we feel that we are pretty well-versed on pregnancy itself at this point.  And the Hollywood preconceptions about childbirth are quickly being shattered for a more realistic understanding of what bringing a baby into the world will really be like.

Baby is continuing to grow this week weighing close to 1.5 pounds and nearing the 12" mark (about the length of an ear of corn). Space is starting to become cramped and most of the forward rolls have come to an end. (Only to be replaced with punches and kicks). The facial features are fully formed, as are all of the internal organs.  That means that the baby would become officially 'viable' outside of Mom if born at this stage (but we will take the next 14-18 weeks to make him bigger and cuter first!).  The lungs have begun to secrete 'surfactant' and the baby is breathing in the amniotic fluid to inflate the lungs and prepare for the outside world.


  1. Only a few more days before we head to TN to start getting your nursery ready, I can hardly wait to see how much you have grown and feel you kicking, hopefully. It's hard to believe that you will be here in just a little over 3 months, can't wait to kiss those sweet cheeks. Grams

  2. I'm 27 weeks prego with a little boy. He can be having a party in there and have me running to the bathroom every 30 minutes, but as soon as dad comes around he's nowhere to be found! It's so funny, but I really want him to feel him moving around!
    Good luck with your little bundle!