Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Days

I was a teacher for 3 years, Kirk for 4.  In our combined 7 years of teaching we benefited from just a handful of snow days and only one or two that we were able to share as a family.

Yet another benefit of moving back home is the rapidness with which school is delayed or cancelled due to hazardous weather (or sometimes just the threat of it).  As a high school student, I, too, was calling the school cancellation line over and over again saying "It's busy, maybe they are changing the message," instead of realizing that a majority of the other 1,000 students in the high school were doing the same thing I was.

Fast forward 15 years and I stand in my kitchen wondering how in the world school is cancelled and it's 42 degrees outside without the first hint of wintery weather.  Still, I've enjoyed immensely the added time we've gotten with Daddy with delayed starts and early nights home.  It's been a cozy January and these snow days have been exactly what was needed after crazy first six months and a busy holiday season. 

And now here we are, 24 hours after our first "real" snow, enjoying an altogether different kind of snow day.  I'm not sure what February has in store for us, but for me, my winter is now complete.

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