Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2013 wrap up

I was told tonight by my dear husband that I was slipping on the blog front.

So what can I blame?  The holidays? Sure, my last post happened around Thanksgiving and after spending about a week trying to print my own Christmas cards it was a bit of a whirlwind from that time through Christmas and a three-week visit from Gram and Pap pap.  Or what about my newly mobile baby?  Can anyone really sit at a computer for twenty or thirty minutes to write a thoughtful blog post with a 20 pound wrecking ball speeding through the house?  Not really.  I'm sure I can blame it on any number of issues, or I could do the grown up thing and say "Yep, I slipped.  Sorry!" Hopefully all of you were too busy with your holiday season to notice. 

And now here's a quick update from our last two months.


Eilidh was 9 months old just before Christmas and we all thought she would be walking to the tree on Christmas morning.  She's kept us waiting so far, but anticipate a post very soon as "she'll be walking any day" is quickly becoming "she will probably be walking tomorrow."

This year we did an advent calendar with Whit and he really understood the concept.... sort of... it took about two weeks after Christmas for him to fully understand that he was no longer getting a treat every day and that we couldn't countdown to the holiday anymore because it had already happened.  But three is a great Christmas age and Whit was old enough to really enjoy the holiday and young enough that "Did ___________ bring me a present?" was still cute.

Getting ready with Daddy

Waiting for pictures with Santa

Looking semi-satisfied with Santa
Eilidh wasn't as thrilled about meeting Santa

Looking adorable for Christmas Eve dinner

The tree and presents on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning!

Eilidh was more excited about some of Whit's toys....

Whit playing with his "trash truck and trash" the only thing he really wanted for Christmas

Eilidh turned 10 months and her development continues to astound me.  Granted, I cooked her two weeks longer than most babies, but I swear she's one of the smartest kids I've ever been around.  She will repeat almost everything you say and seems to truly understand the interaction of language.  I practice baby signs with Eilidh to encourage language development and understanding but more to prevent the frustration that many children encounter when they are pointing and yelling in the kitchen and you can't figure out what they want.  A simple sign for eat, drink, or hey my toy is up there! really helps.  Eilidh, instead of (or sometimes in addition to) learning the sign for things has simply started repeating the word.  She may not understand what she is saying, but it's still impressing me.  The fact that she will also sit with a book and "read" is also quite endearing for a fellow bookworm.

Whit is getting back into routine and settling into the big brother role now that little sister is big enough to really impact his life.  This week he is getting a bit of a break from the constant love and attention Eilidh wants to shower on him by spending some "alone" time with Daddy, Sydney and Nana and Papa.  He's really into active play, any sport, super hero or animal will work and he always wants to do what Daddy is doing and match what Daddy is wearing.
Mommy finding a reason to hip carry in the Ergo

Whit's first bowling experience!

Willing the ball to move!

Eilidh loved the bowling balls.

Looking cute and practicing standing

Working on tackling (and matching Daddy)

Reading with Daddy

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