Saturday, June 1, 2013

Photo Update!

 So I know I haven't been forthcoming with a blog, but at least I've been busy with the camera! Eilidh still has a fair way to go to match the number of photos that Whit has racked up, but I'm trying.
The Crazy Eyes

With Grams!

Whit raiding Daddy's golf bag...and shoes

snoozefest take 2

The first go with the baby gym, she loves the mirror
Gym time is more fun with company

The best part of the reading festival? The play area!

Babywearing at the Reading Festival

More festival fun

ER at 2 months

Look at me go!

Daily batting practice...pants optional!

End of the year lunch with Daddy

This is my friend Marcus

Chillin with Aunt Val

Wow....supermom! Naptime!

Sydney, Whit and Opie (formerly known as Nana)

Shhhh....don't tell Nana we had a snack in her bed!

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