Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photo Update!

Happy Birthday (this might have been the only 5 minutes she was in the "box")

Meeting a very happy Grams!

Whit looks far more excited here than he actually was. The cutest thing was what Whit said the first time he saw me after Eilidh was born.  "Mommy! She came out!"

Just our average underwear days...

Dying eggs with Daddy (more like Daddy on damage control while Grams dyed eggs!)

Check out the damage on the purple hippo in the back

The best picture that morning


In the press box with Daddy.  Eating peanuts and working the music between innings

Holding baby sister for about 30 seconds before she starts to fuss and he pushes her away

It looks like she's boxing, but she's actually getting ready to yell. "Mommy, I do not not like to be put down, you know that."

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