Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Animal House

They say having a child changes your life...

They say having two changes everything...

They are right.

I would compare my house to a zoo, but all of the zoos I've been to are cleaner and tamer than my current living conditions.  And although there are only two little monkeys in my care, there are times when it feels like many more.  Why?

Eilidh sounds like a farm all by herself. She grunts like a little piglet when she is gassy, whimpers like a puppy when she is sleeping, brays like a donkey when she is eating, screeches like an owl when she's hungry and does that air-snort like a horse when she's done screaming.  I think I even heard a meow sound the other day.

And then there is Whit, the one man wrecking crew who is destroying the house like an elephant in the jungle. Add that to the moos at the dinner table, rooster crows, snake hisses and pretending to be a caged lion under the laundry basket and the scene starts to come together..

Oh, and I didn't even get into the cleaning up of bodily fluids...

And now I'm off to buy rations for the animal handlers while my little monkey sleeps and my big monkey is off at school!

1 comment:

  1. hehehe yes having more than one child can be challenging but it's those darling moments that only a mommy can catch that truly make it meaningful as well as there will be a moment soon enough in which the house will be silent and the weird feeling of loneliness creeps in just for the moment because you have been so involved in mommy hood that they grew up without you even realizing it....
    BTW: Time seems to go by even faster with multiples! Congrats to you and Kirk :) You all have a beautiful family.