Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weeks 35 and 36

I cannot believe that weeks 35 and 36 are already over!

When I started working on the Month 8 post, I was still in week 34.  Today is officially the last day of week 36.  I'm having trouble keeping up.

Baby is up to the same... just getting bigger.  She continues to be a peaceful little lady and really only gets worked up when it gets close to mealtime or when Big Brother presses in too closely.   We met with the midwife this week and got a good report. The heartbeat is strong and baby still is head down, just waiting for the big day.  Baby is around 6 pounds and creeping up on 19 inches.  I can tell she's grown a little longer since I'm again feeling some knees or feet up near my ribs after a few wonderful weeks of her being lower down.

After nursing a sick family back to health over the last few weeks, Mommy finally succumbed.  It's been a difficult week but I'm nearly over a nasty bout of bronchitis.  All that coughing has been tough on me, on Whit as he tries to cuddle close to go to sleep and, of course, on baby.  I'm not sure how much she has enjoyed being bounced up and down and all around as I coughed and wheezed through the last week, but I know she's been calm and quiet today -  the first break from the bounce house in a week. I was also able to get my first good night's sleep last night and felt very grateful for it today. 
Surprisingly (or perhaps not) my recent lack of sleep hasn't affected my mood too much.  I say that, but Daddy might have other opinions! I think I remember the same phenomenon when I was in my last month with Whit; it is almost that my body is preparing for less sleep and interrupted sleep.  

This month my nesting instinct has also kicked up a notch.  Beginning a little earlier than it did with Whit, I've been nesting at school by getting detailed lesson plans prepared to make my substitute's life much easier and at home getting baby things organized and stocking the fridge, freezer and pantry.  I noticed a slight rise in our grocery bill over the last few weeks but didn't realize the cause until I unpacked the bags this past weekend and realized that I'm officially out of room in the deep freezer and coming close to having the inside freezer full.  We could probably survive in this house for a month without grocery shopping for anything except fresh fruits and bread (come to think of it... I have bread in the freezer, so we don't need that either!)  I know all of the prep work will come in handy when this little lady makes her appearance.

We haven't seen much of Daddy around this last week.  A big change after several long weekends.   He had his big administrator's exam on Saturday and baseball has been in high gear for the last two weeks. The few minutes we are getting have been very enjoyable and I'm looking forward to getting some more time this weekend (after the workday at the baseball field on Saturday).

Big Brother
See what Whit was up to and how Mommy was feeling during Week 35 and Week 36
Whit's in an interesting period of development.  I don't know if the impending addition to our family is affecting in any way (I'm not a child psychiatrist after all) but I do know something is up.  I'm planning to discuss our little CEO in his own post very soon, so check back for that.

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