Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Under the Big Top - A preview

The days of our family of three are dwindling quickly.  Although we are all (ok, maybe not Whit yet) very excited to embark on the next leg of our life journey, it is a little bittersweet that Whit will no longer be my only baby.  To celebrate this ending, and new beginning, Kirk and I have decided to take Whit to "The Greatest Show on Earth."

Over the last few weeks Whit has taken to watching "the bug movie" (also known as Disney/Pixar's A Bug's Life). For those of you who haven't seen the movie, Flick, the main character, inadvertently hires circus bugs to save his ant colony.  So now for some connections.  Whit likes the bug movie, it has circus bugs, we will take him to the circus!  But the circus can be somewhat crazy and Kirk and I tend to be overly cautious with Whit.  So we will show him youtube videos of the circus to get him prepared and excited.  What's Whit's favorite part of the circus?  Elephants!  What other circus elephants do you know?  That's right, Dumbo!

Fast forward to weekend before last, I went out and purchased Dumbo, so proud of myself and thinking how much Whit would enjoy the movie.  Let's set the stage.  It's Saturday night, I'm preparing dinner.

Kirk and I: Whit, do you want to watch the movie we bought for you?
Whit:  Yes! Bug movie!
Me: No, we are going to watch the elephant movie instead.
Whit: No! I no want it! Bug movie! Bug movie! 
(cue tears) 
Kirk: Whit, just watch it, you will like it! It has elephants! (convincingly)

(continue tears)  ....Mommy departs to the kitchen to continue making dinner and allows Daddy to console Whit.... 

From the kitchen I hear the tears subside as the movie begins.  10 minutes later I come in to check on my boys and find Whit reclined with Kirk watching the baby animals being delivered by the storks.  Victory! Whit thinks it's great! Back to the kitchen.

..... Mommy comes in from the kitchen with dinner prepared and ready to serve in front of the TV for this amazing experience....

Me: Whit! I have spaghetti!
(cue tears)

Whit: Mommy! I need mommy! Elephant's mommy! Where's elephant's mommy? 

Ok, I get it.... I'm terrible.  I know Dumbo is sad. But I suppose I forgot what an emotional roller coaster you traverse in the 60 minute movie.  I was worried that Whit would be scared during the Pink Elephant montage... I didn't consider how he would feel about the elephant's mother being locked away, especially considering he spends so much time away from me and we've both always struggled with that.  But it's ok.... we cuddled through the rest of the movie and Whit recovered somewhat, at least until Dumbo visited his mother and then had to leave her yet again. (Time for more cuddles.)

As the final credits rolled and the last of the tears dried up Whit looked at me from under his long eyelashes and said "Do it again, Mommy?" 

And so begins the Dumbo movie marathon... great idea Mommy!

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