Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snow Days and Sick Days

(With other days in between)

The last 2 Fridays I experienced my first and second snow days as a teacher.  After 1 year of graduate school, 1 year in Northern VA and 1 1/2 years in TN, I was beginning to think it was something I would never get. The first week we had just enough snow to get out and play for an hour, build a snow man, toss some snowballs and get very wet and cold.  The majority of the snow had melted by Saturday and the only thing left in the yard by Sunday were the remnants of "Frosty" who melted much more slowly than the surrounding snow drifts.  The second snow day saw us iced in the house for a solid 36 hours before everything began to melt.
Building Frosty
Kissing Frosty

The first Monday was a holiday and the second a sick day for me and Whit.  With these additions, our weekends evolved from a three day vacation to a four day weekend of fun marred only by the stomach bug which Whit brought home from school the first week and pink eye the second week.   Tuesdays were "back to school" for me as Whit cuddled with Nanny C and tried to get over his illnesses.

This year has proven to be the textbook "first year" in public school: full of sniffles, sickness and an over-worked immune system.  We are hoping that he is able to withstand things a little better once Baby Girl shows up or he will be getting a lot more "sick days" when I'll keep him home to prevent anything else coming home with him.

For all the other days in between we've been enjoying a "renaissance" (so dubbed by Kirk).  Living with a 2 year old is quite entertaining; Whit just keeps adding to the "Funny things Whit does" list and continues to change every day.  My energy level is (surprisingly) still hanging in there even though we are down to 5 weeks left (give or take a couple of weeks).  And I've apparently been doing a great (mediocre in my own opinion) job keeping up with the household chores, Whit and cooking dinner as baseball season heads into it's 4th week.  It is a bit of a honeymoon period as Kirk and I know (and Whit has no idea) how drastically everything is about to change!
Whit having a "coffee break" one of the "funny things" he does

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