Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

For those of you who did not experience the deluge last week, the southeast decided to try on monsoon weather.  Thankfully it didn't fit well and we are back to toasty warm days with beaming sunshine.  Four days of solid rain and three more of scattered showers really put a damper on our summer.  Ever adapting, by the end of the week Whit was mowing in the drizzling rain while I sat in the open garage and enjoyed the slight breeze cooling off the 90+ degree heat.  By the end of the week I experienced, I think for the first time in my life, cabin fever.  By the weekend I was calling everyone I knew trying to setup playdates for Whit so that I could get out of the house. 

There's nothing like packing up six kids and two adults, driving nearly 30 minutes to downtown Knoxville and a scattered thunderstorm catching you a 10 minute walk from the car.  Whit had a blast playing in the fountains and Mama was nearly as wet as Whit by the time we got back to the car in the rain.

This week cashed in on a few more playdates but 80-90% humidity has not made for fun days outside either.  The park at 10 am is stifling and hot days and high humidity inevitably lead to afternoon thundershowers.  We've had wonderful rain every afternoon this week and I, being a proponent of line drying my clothing have had a few items rinsed several times in the rain and Whit's sand and water play table has become simply a water play table.  
Playing trains in the rain

Baseball  with Mama!

Fountains at Market Square

Having a snack at the Splash Pad

All tuckered out, but hanging onto the baseball gear

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