Saturday, July 7, 2012

Home again, home again


That's what we say every time we pull onto Durham Road to head to our house.  Kirk or I start and Whit finishes.

We had a wonderful visit in VA with Kirk's family and my sister but there is something about going to sleep in your own bed at night.  I haven't had a chance to post since we got in on Thursday because we (Kirk) have been busy putting together Whit's big boy bed (Thanks Nana Lu!).  I'm planning to post "before and after" photos by the end of July after we paint and get curtains, sheets, bedspreads, etc. For now, we are making do with what we have and Whit is loving his new room.

We've also spent a significant amount of time cleaning. It's funny, really, because I'm certain we cleaned the house before we left. But I guess there's something about Nana's house that changes my perception of clean.  Suddenly the basket full of clean laundry is out of  place in our bedroom and the two half full glasses of water (yes, mine!) should not be on my dresser.  We organized and put away and cleaned the last 2 days and I'm sure we will sit and enjoy it for all of 3 hours before we begin to slack and go back to "good enough for us" mentality.

Just three weeks at home for Kirk and I to wrap up our school work, Whit to play ball in the living room, organization (and re-organization) of the house before we head out to a wedding, the beach, and another foreign bed.  We will just have to enjoy it while we can.

Check out facebook for photos of our trip home.

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