Monday, June 11, 2012

Loving Summer

Although it took longer than I had expected to adjust back to Eastern time after our trip to Alaska I think we've finally settled into a routine. I don't expect it to last as we will head home around the 4th of July and then to the beach the end of July for what I'm sure will be an amazing wedding followed by a family vacation. Trips like these always seem to disrupt our schedule for at least several days. But for now, I'll take what I can get.

We will revel in our slow daily routine punctuated with play dates, birthdays and vacations.  We will play, cuddle, tickle and tackle. And we will love it. 

I've spent much of the last two years pushing the pain of leaving Whit every day to the back of my mind and the furthest reaches of my heart.  I've made the most of the time I had and tried not to dwell on the time I did not have. I had a feeling when I first took a teaching position last year that it would further my goal to spend more time with one of my two favorite people. Actually, it has helped me to spend more time with both of my favorite people.  I'm overjoyed, overwhelmed and overly grateful for the blessing of this time we have together.

Our last day with Nanny Kate!! We love you!

Just looking adorable

Pool party for Katie's Bday

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