Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Coach's Work is Never Done

 One of the things that drew me to Kirk when we were first dating was his sense of humor.  I appreciated it more because it was not, and likely is still not, a well known personality trait outside of his family.  My brother, who has known Kirk for more than 10 years, commented at Christmas on his sense of humor and how he 'didn't realize' what a big part of his personality it actually is. 

Another trait I cherish about Kirk is his hard work and dedication.  This trait is clearly demonstrated every day of his life as I'm sure the HVA baseball families can attest to.  And he does not just apply this to his professional life, it is a mainstay of our personal life as well.

As parents we want our children to inherit our best traits and dodge those that we dislike about ourselves or our partners. I am happy to say that a sense of humor is one trait that Whit has in spades - and all from his father. You can still make the argument that behavior is learned and reinforced, but it is difficult to deny an innate behavior when it is clearly demonstrated in one so young. And if behavior is learned, then Whit has no better example of patience than his mother and of work ethic than his father.

When pondering the title of this particular blog post I wavered between many titles and I think this video demonstrates my choice nicely.

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