Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

The month between Thanksgiving and Christmas has always been a favorite of mine.
It is a time for the 4 F's: Friends, Family, Fellowship, and Food! The weather turns from dreary and raining to crisp and snowy.  This year in particular has been a wintery paradise and we are still two days from the official start of Winter.  Houses are decorated; and although some go a little too 'Griswold' for me, overall I enjoy seeing the sparkling lights beaming from houses and trees.  There even seems to be a special feeling in the air.  If you can avoid the scrooges and the stressed out shoppers most everyone you meet has a smile and a 'Happy Holidays' to pass along.
This Christmas our celebration will be somewhat different. It is my first Christmas ever in a family of three, my first where all of my siblings are grown and (mostly) out of the house.  And it is my parents first as grandparents.  As we get older the holidays, as with everything else, change.  I first noticed this when I stopped waking up at 4 am wanting to open presents and I preferred instead long evenings in front of the fire conversing over cocoa.  In my youth and ignorance I believed that Christmas was losing some of its Joy.  What I did not understand at the time was that I was finally enjoying the parts of the holiday that are truly the most important – the people.  As a mother, I still plan to enjoy the company of family and friends but I will once again be waking up early to open gifts with what I'm hoping will be an eager six month old.  Already curious and a fan of toys and ripping things – tearing open Christmas gifts should be an exciting time.
'Tis the season!! Happy Holidays everyone!!

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