Saturday, September 25, 2010

On The Road Again

It's  been a while since I've been able to post and I would say it is likely that the posts from now until Christmas will be short and somewhat sporadic. The biggest reason? We are entering what I like to call 'travel time.' 

Last weekend was spent back in Virginia with our families - giving them some much needed W time.  This upcoming weekend, the first in October, we are headed to Charleston, SC for my parent's vow-renewal in celebration of their 30th wedding anniversary.  A definite plus to this visit is that Chucktown is my baby brother's new stomping grounds so we will get a weekend with Uncle J as well. We are also expecting W to meet his great-grandma and great-grandpa O!

November will bring several trips - the first weekend home to VA for the celebration of the impending arrival of my n-o-n, W's new baby cousin! Following that is the wedding of a close friend and before we know it - it will be Thanksgiving. 

As my n-o-n is expected sometime between Thanksgiving and the 2nd week in December, I expect that no sooner than we get back to Knoxville we will be back on the road to see the new addition. And then, suddenly, it will be Christmas and W will be 6 going on 7 months old!! 

It's good to get time with family and friends in these early days. Baseball season will soon be upon us again and travel with a 7-10 month old will, I'm sure, prove difficult for me without Kirk. And much as I lament the quick passage of days in W's life so far, I know that his baby-hood will continue to go by quickly and he will be toddling around and involved in a plethora of activities very soon.

Until then, we will soak in every second of family time we get and store up the memories of peaceful sleep and simple days.

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