Saturday, August 7, 2010

Super Mom

I have always been in awe of my mother - it seems that she can 'do it all.'  She is one of those amazing women that keeps a spotless house (unless her kids mess it up), cooks, bakes, works full time, and still manages to make it to her kid's important events.  In a word - SuperMom.

As Whit approaches his 2 month birthday, I find myself showing some of those same talents or 'super-powers' that I admired for so many years.  I've listed a few of them below.

Mind Reading
Mostly this comes in the form of knowing when Whit is actually hungry and when he is just faking so that he can get some cuddle time with Mom before he quickly nods off for a nap.  Some other thoughts I can now so easily pick from his mind are 'I'm hot', 'I'm bored', and my personal favorite, 'I'm happy' which is easy as it is typically accompanied by a smile. Child development and parenting experts would lead you to believe that I am simply learning my baby's unspoken requests, but I prefer to think of it as mind reading.

The Ability to See the Future
I impressed myself last week when I managed to catch spit-up with a burp cloth mid air just before it hit my leg.  Granted, I've failed many times in the past to catch it, but our laundry situation has vastly improved as I hone this recently discovered talent. I am also able to predict, usually within a 10 minute range when Whit will start to show signs of hunger or sleepiness.

Perhaps my least favorite new ability - this first manifested the day Whit was born when people began to acknowledge Whit first, Kirk second and me third (sometimes if at all!).  Useful at times, annoying mostly, I generally have to speak up for anyone to notice that I'm there. 

One super-power I wish I had, but sadly do not, is the ability to create time.  I am closing in on 24 hours until I go back to work full time and I would love to be able to create more hours in the day to spend with Whit.  I would also like to take a snapshot in time and be able to go back and visit all of the highs and lows we have had so far.  Whit already seems so grown up, so far from the tiny (or not so tiny!) baby we brought home from the hospital. 

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