Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 35

We are in the home stretch, the ninth month!! What a journey!

Family and Friends
It was so wonderful to see family and friends this weekend.  I am again overwhelmed by the generosity of those who surround us.  We are truly blessed! I believe we have nearly everything together for the nursery, now to get it all organized before this bundle arrives!

Let's just say that our Daddy-to-be is very excited about his upcoming role.  Nearly every day he asks the baby if he is ready to come out and when I reminded him today that our doctor will allow us to go a full 2 weeks past our due date (read June 23rd!!) before she insists on inducing, he would have none of it. Ah well, the baby will come when he is ready, right?

I have hit the uncomfortable point of pregnancy where I now have to 'roll' off the couch instead of sit up and I think I may be starting to affect the 'pregnancy walk' although I try desperately to maintain a normal gait.  My uterus is solidly laying just beneath my ribs which makes it even easier for the baby to reach his feet into his favorite spot just under my right ribs. Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good.  I am not dilated yet and although I may be having some light Braxton Hicks, they aren't strong enough for me to really notice - both signs that we have plenty of time before the baby arrives (to Dad's dismay).

The baby's job of growing and developing will become much easier over the next few weeks until birth.  The majority of his organs and systems are ready to go and he has most likely reached his full height (length).  Now it really is just about growing and practicing those things he will need in the outside world.  Speaking of those two tasks- at our final ultrasound today it was confirmed that our little heavy weight will likely be born weighing between 8 and 9 lbs.  He's grown the exact amount he was supposed to over the last month putting on almost exaclty 2 lbs to check in at 6lbs 6oz. (That's almost what I weighed at birth!!)  The little guy also showed off his breathing techniques to the ultrasound technician who was definately impressed (at least she acted that way for his benefit).  We were told that it is a great sign that he was so intently breathing - This is usually the final activity they engage in before birth and it means that he is not being stressed in any way and is recieving plenty of oxygen and nutrition.

We got to see a portion of his nose and face (he has a very cute nose!) but otherwise he remained mostly hidden.  And unfortunately, I don't have any good ultrasound photos to post becuase the baby has inherited a streak of stubborness from somewhere. Head down for the majority of the pregnancy, he now has his head and face lodged between my hip and pelvic bone with no immediate indication that he intends to re-locate. Occassionally he will shift his weight so that his head is pressing fully on my bladder, but most of the time he just lays against my right side and uses the placenta as a pillow.... Maybe we need to add laziness to the personality checklist?

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  1. Anxiously awaiting your arrival, and I am with your father, we are not interested in waiting any longer than necessary to see you. Grams