Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The sixth month

Wow! I cannot believe Eilidh is six months!  Happy Half-Birthday!

Everyone says time flies and your kids grow up faster than you can blink.  Although that's true, I've found recently that if I, to borrow the new buzz word, flow, I can "be" with my kids and truly enjoy them.  I'm sure I cannot express how blessed I feel to be able to see each and every development Eilidh goes through as she is doing it.  Here's what she's up to this month.

Eilidh recognizes friends and relatives and often gives strangers a "look" before deciding to smile.  Whit did the same, but Eilidh chooses smile much more often, she's such a friendly baby. She's recently discovered the baby in the mirror and I often need to move away from mirrors when we are trying to get to sleep as she will choose explore over sleep any day.

This week Eilidh was re-introduced to Raylan, someone I hope will be a good friend to her for a long time.  You could tell that she was a younger sister because she swiped whatever toy Raylan was playing with just as soon as she got the opportunity!

Eilidh has learned her name and she lights up when she hears it, especially when it is coming from Daddy.  She will "ah-Ah-ah" at Whit when she is trying to get his attention and often sounds like she is speaking to him.  She has a special puppy-dog whine when she wants something that she isn't getting and an "Eh-Eh" noise that she makes when upset.

Eilidh is very curious.  She is always touching things (she loves carpet) and reaching for objects that are outside of her circle but within sight (especially if those things belong to her brother!) She has outstanding hand-eye coordination and can pick up and manipulate anything that you send her way. 

Eilidh rolls everywhere, it's her chosen mode of travel.  She will sit and play until she needs to reach for something that is too far away and topples over. She is also quite the jumping bean and is very eager to crawl.  Sometimes I think her lack of sleep is because she's on a serious training regime - roll, up, try to crawl, roll, up, try to crawl...

Helping Mommy fold laundry

Watching her very first VT game!

Laughing at Heidi

Trying to decide which of Raylan's toys to take next

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