Monday, August 26, 2013

Month 5

I can hardly believe Eilidh is already 5 months old. Of course, she's behaving more like a 6 month old, so perhaps it's both shocking that she is already 5 months and only 5 months.  Here are some quick updates from month 5.

* Weighing in at over 17 pounds and measuring over 24 inches (a petite baby for me!)
* Sitting up unassisted
* Rolling over any which way
* Trying her hardest to army crawl and making some backward progress
*Showing interest in foods (see video below)

Found her toes and got them in her mouth!

Met her great-grandparents on the Overdorff side for the first time!

Loves her Aunt!

And her brother

And her Nana
Some people would say I'm wrong to offer my 5 month old food and others wonder where the rice cereal and jarred food is. My answer is simple - Baby Led. Jarred food has only been around since the 1920's and we have centuries (and more) of healthy babies. Sorry Gerber, I don't really need you. 

Here's a video of what Baby Led Weaning (ie Baby Led Solids) really means. If you watch closely you'll even see her sign "eat" cool!

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