Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Updates from April

I'll be honest, I'm finding being a Mommy to two wonderful children to be slightly overwhelming.  I can hardly believe that my new baby is nearly two months old and that not only has April sped by me but May is well on it's way and school is out in just two short weeks.  Between doctor's appointments for me and Eilidh, keeping up with Whitfield and getting out to as many baseball games as possible I'm having trouble catching my breath.

Still, I'm being rewarded every day.

Eilidh, when she isn't upset, is the most charming baby I've ever met.  I can't get enough cuddling with her and she is very free with smiles and coos (especially to the ceiling fan) but is likely to spit up all over you if you aren't careful.  One of our almost weekly doctor's appointments was the ENT today. We had her treated for a lip tie and posterior tongue tie which I'm praying will help to resolve some of the reflux and colic issues (more on this later) and give us more of the sweet and a little less of the sour.

Whit amazes me a little more every day.  At nearly three he is reaching "child" proportions and is less like the baby I remember holding not so long ago each time I snuggle close to Eilidh. He understands this big world more and more and continues to grasp the nuances of language.  On our way to school today Whit said "Mommy... Mommy... Hey! Mom!" When I said "Yes, Whit, what is it?" he said "I promise I love you." What more do you need than that?

Sure, the floors need to be swept and I have a sink full of dishes.  I think we have groceries, but I'm not sure and I don't really care because I know I'm not cooking dinner tonight.  There's more laundry in baskets than in drawers, I haven't showered today and there's dried spit up in my hair. But.... Whit promises that he loves me... so that makes it a great day.

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