Monday, March 26, 2012

Childhood Wonderment

One of the best things about having children is the ability to step back and watch them explore their world. Everything is new, everything is exciting. Now that the weather is warmed up again (ok, we had all of 3 weeks of winter...) we've been spending nearly all of our time out of doors. Some of it at the baseball field, some taking batting practice in the garage, some in the backyard.

This week Whit has encountered for the first time bees, dandelions and open windows. The bees are scary, especially when they buzz right next to your head. Dandelions are awesome although he cannot understand why Mama can get all of the seeds off and Whit can only get a few. Now for the open windows.... the weather is warm, but not overly hot, so I do what I expect every green Mama does in the spring - I open up the windows and turn on the fans - no AC for me until it's 80 degrees outside. This weekend Whit stumbled upon the open window and started pushing on the screen. He pushed so hard that the screen popped out of the window, followed shortly by his head. Whit understands doors, but the idea that part of the wall can open is still new to him. Now that I'm rolling down windows in the car and opening them in the house he is starting to understand them better. Still, when I went outside, with him inside and gave him a kiss through the open window a new game was born. Every day for the last 3 days we've played the window game. I must admit, as tiring as it can be to run back and forth from the window, out the kitchen door and back to the window, the dozen or so kisses that I receive are well worth it.

We've also recently pulled out and setup Whit's birthday present from last year - a sand and water play table. The first day I put sand in the table Whit spent at least 20 minutes just picking up the sand, throwing it across the deck, eating it... you know boys! It was quite a mess to clean up, but I didn't mind because he was so intrigued by feeling the sand, mixing it with water, throwing it.

The rest of our outdoor time is spent at the ball field. Whit loves to be there, thinks he owns the place and has everyone wrapped around his chubby little fingers. He's even been known to elicit a smile and a wave from Daddy in the dugout, a feat that no one else in our family has ever been able to do.

Now it's past time for me to be off to bed to prepare for yet another day of fun in the sun!


Finally figured out the storage issue (apparently Google thinks I have far too many pictures of my not yet 2 year old son!) so here are some backlogged images for you! Theses pictures are somewhat out of order but were all taken between the first of December 2011 and the first of March 2012.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ewwww....Take 2

Kirk and I woke up to a very sick little boy this morning. Whit has managed to contract his second viral stomach bug in less than 2 weeks. The first lasted about 5 days and we felt very blessed to get over it without severe dehydration and very little irritability on Whit's part. Kirk and I were less lucky as we both tend to be irritable on short sleep and I, at least, have been short of sleep for just over two years now - I need every minute I can get!

Now we are on round two and this time it's both ends! (I never thought I would be one to say that. I prefer to be very tact about bodily functions, something I inherited from my mother.) Today we didn't waste any time, I took Whit to the doctor immediately to be sure that there was nothing more serious wrong. Thankfully, Whit was able to keep some liquids down while we were at the doctor's office and he is now at home cuddling with Daddy. I'm looking forward to seeing him again soon and I'm hoping that he will regain some of his usually rambunctiousness.

I'll end with something that made me very warm and fuzzy and completely validated me as a mother.

ME: Dr., is there anything else that we can do for him?

DR: No, it's most likely a virus and must run it's course. The good news? You are still breastfeeding and that is the very best for him right now. Just keep doing what you are doing.