Thursday, May 10, 2012

A good day

I've been meaning to get this post up for nearly a week but I've been busy (of course) rooting the Hawks baseball team on to the district championship game (which is being played tonight).

Last Friday began the district tournament.  Whit and I went out to the games on Friday and Saturday and we went as a family to a very special little girl's birthday party on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday we attended church.  Although we typically take Whit to the nursery to play, he was understandably tired after such a busy weekend so we let him cuddle with us during the service.  When we went back to the high school to pick up Kirk's truck we stopped by the playground to let Whit get out some of his wiggles. Back home we settled down to a great family dinner, put Whit to bed and Kirk and I got some much needed couch time.

As we cuddled together on the couch the consensus between us was "What a good day!" There are some days in your life that are hectic and some days that are special for various reasons. And then there are the days that are ordinary, but perfect. Days when you didn't take any pictures, attend any special engagements and typically do not record in any way. Days that leave you at the end of the day with a feeling of satisfaction and a slight pang of regret that such a wonderful day is over.  I couldn't let this day, weekend, really, pass us by without noting it.  What a great day! The only thoughts I had that did not follow with perfection was that the dinner table felt a little empty with only three seats filled and that when one of us was cuddling Whit, the other's arms were empty....

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