Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter is such a special time. In the way of religious holidays it often seems overlooked next to the gaudy celebration of Christmas. But in it's own way Easter is the heralding of spring and carries with it the most important message for those of the Christian faith. There are times when it bothers me slightly that we spend so much of our holidays concentrating on the materialistic aspects and we tend to relegate the religious aspects to an hour at church and a prayer before a meal. I do, and always will, strive to make the religious holidays about religion so that Whit can grow up understanding that Easter celebrates the Resurrection, not a bunny that brings eggs.

Still, some traditions cannot be ignored so along with teaching Whit about our faith we also took some time to color and hunt for eggs.

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  1. Hunting eggs doesn't have to be about Easter at all! E hunted eggs in celebration of the vernal equinox (and Ostara) - the true reason eggs are a part of it at all! Love the pics, can't wait to see you soon!