Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Popular Demand

After much lamentation from my brother (as well as others) I must set down my other tasks and make blogging a priorty once again.

For those who don't know, in an attempt to spend more time with my family and the ever precocious W, I have switched careers (for the second time in my life).  I'm now employed at Hardin Valley Academy alongside my darling husband. To be honest, I am not seeing the immediate fruits of my labor as the first year teaching (or in my case first year back) can be rather all-encompassing.  Tonight I have completed planning for yet another day and am staying up beyond my bedtime to post this. 

W continues to grow as fast as he can.  After a trip home last weekend for one of my best friends' wedding Kirk and I both made the comment that we thought Whit had grown during the 4 hour car drive.  Well, he looked taller.  He has also continued to develop in other aspects.  He is more dextrous, much faster on his feet and his sense of humor has outmatched my own. Recently Whit has been keeping the staff of HVA entertained and getting to know his new sitter, Nanny C.  Although it has been difficult for him to get back into the swing of things after a long summer home with Momma and Daddy, he is doing remarkably well.

And now for the goods!  Our Zoo trip with Uncle E, Nana E and Papa as well as what ever other tidbits I have on my computer.

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