Sunday, May 15, 2011

Play Ball!

It may be strange for a 'play ball' post to be coming up at what is considered the end of the baseball season by many.  But, for the first time in school history (all three years), the Hawks baseball team is still rolling out this coming week.  A big congrats to Kirk for his patience and dedication and to all the boys for their hard work this season.  HVA won the District Championship on Wednesday night and will be playing 3 time defending State Champions (Farragut) on Monday at home.  Whit and I, of course, will be in attendance.

Whit has amazed me over the last week with his behavior and attitude at the ball park.  Always a curious and social yet content child he held up well through late nights, travel, and weather hot and stormy.  He seems to enjoy baseball thoroughly. He is the only 11 month old baby I have ever seen who actually sits and watches the game.  Sure, one reason may be that he can hear Daddy yelling from the dugout and he is trying with every ounce of energy he has to find him.  When we approach the ball yard and Whit sees the players in uniforms he yells out what were undoubtedly his first 2 words "Da Da!" and "Ba-baa!"

Also, I had to share this wonderful photo of Whit and I together at the ballpark.  In this shot I'm carrying Whit on my hip in a sling, one of many baby wearing techniques available.  I like to think that this global practice of keeping baby "close enough to kiss" contributes greatly to Whit's overall happy demeanor.

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