Sunday, March 31, 2013

Welcome Baby Girl!

This is going to be short and sweet since I have two little ones demanding my attention at all times.
Eilidh Ruth was born Monday March 18th at 2:04 pm.  She clearly likes things to be exact, as she was exactly 19 inches long and weighed in at exactly 8 pounds. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

and counting...

Week 41: March 7-13


41 weeks and Baby girl is still nice and snug, enjoying her time wrapped up with Mommy.  I thought perhaps the new moon on Monday would budge her a bit, but it seems that she's really trying to be a spring baby. (The first day of spring is March 20th). We did find out on the ultrasound this week that Baby Girl is a good size and will likely come out with some very kissable chubby cheeks (we just hope she comes out soon!)

There was really only a 40% chance of Baby girl showing up before this week, so I shouldn't have been surprised when she didn't.  There was a 35% chance of her showing up this week... which also didn't happen... So that leaves a 20% chance of Baby coming in the next week and only a 5% chance of her coming after that.  I doubt I will be allowed to go beyond 43 weeks so I know that by the end of this week, March 14th, I'll have her with me within the next 14 days.  Grams Hylton is flying in tomorrow from Alaska for a 2 1/2 week stay and I will feel bad if she only gets a few days with baby, but I have to be cognizant that there is SOME reason that Baby Girl hasn't arrived yet. 

Big Brother

Big Brother got a special treat this week.  Not enough that Nana came to visit him at his house, but then Mommy and Daddy, after nearly 3 years, finally caved to the pressure of allowing him to visit Nana and Papa's house all by himself.  Granted, if I wasn't 41 weeks pregnant and on the verge of giving birth (I hope!) I probably wouldn't have given in this time either...

I'm looking forward to hearing his stories of all the fun he got to have while away from the rule keepers.   


My last day of work was today (Wednesday) then I'm taking off Thursday to pick up Grams.  I decided that there was really no reason to go back to work on Friday.  So maternity leave is officially here and still no baby.  As the several people who are maintaining my sanity keep saying "Everything in God's time."  I'm trying so hard to be patient! I am also trying to enjoy being child-light but I do miss my little man an awful lot.


This week was Daddy's first official week of the season.  Unfortunately he was rained out on Monday and we had to maintain the suspense of that first game a little longer. But he got a big win on Tuesday and is really looking forward to the rest of the season.  We will miss him when he goes out of town this weekend but I'm sure Whit, Grams and I can keep busy. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Waiting for Baby

I was originally going to title this "Countdown," but since I don't know exactly what I'm counting toward... And waiting is exactly what I'm doing.  I'm waiting for Baby Girl to be ready to join the world and I'm trying so very hard to be patient!

Each day will have the same format and I will update everyday, so check back for more

And here we go... 

Today is: Saturday, March 16th

I am _41_ weeks _2__ day(s) pregnant

I am feeling: Calm and relaxed and happy my family is all in one place again. 

Instead of having a baby today I: slept in and then cuddled with Whit while he snoozed on.... Had a relaxed morning, made some pancakes, watched Dumbo, played with Whit at the park and then came home and took a nap (with Whit, can you tell I missed him a little?). When daddy came home we grilled out and enjoyed dinner and the evening together and will soon be off to an early bedtime.  A great day!

Today is: Friday, March 15th

I am _41_ weeks _1__ day(s) pregnant

I am feeling: Very happy that my Whitfield is home!! I missed him so much!!

Instead of having a baby today I: slept in (I had trouble going to sleep so it wasn't that much of a treat), shaped up the sourdough bread and 2 dozen cinnamon rolls for Whit's school's Teacher Appreciation Breakfast, made 2 dozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the baseball team, picked up some good herbal tea and picked up my Whitfield! 

I am _41_ weeks _0__ day(s) pregnant

I am feeling: Very relaxed.  I'm also working hard at taming my fears and anxieties...  And I'm very excited about picking up Whit tomorrow and getting some good cuddles in. 

Instead of having a baby today I: had a massage (heavenly!) and enjoyed the spa shower (also amazing!) Then I picked up Grams, took a nap, and went shopping.  Last, but most important, I spent some quality time with my husband before he leaves for his trip this weekend.  Oh yeah, and I started sourdough bread and got all of Baby Girl's quilt cut out! 

Today is: Wednesday, March 13th

I am _40_ weeks _6__ day(s) pregnant

I am feeling: excited that this is my last day of work and sad that my Whitfield is not at home! 

Instead of having a baby today I: went to work all day and went in for my doctor's appointment. Then I went home and tried very hard to relax and remember that this little girl does not like to be told what to do...sort of like her Mommy... 

Today is: Tuesday, March 12th

I am _40_ weeks _5__ day(s) pregnant

I am feeling: very comfortable with Baby Girl not coming for a few more days even though I'm very excited to meet her when she does decided to arrive.

Instead of having a baby today I: went to work all day, took a nap, went for a walk (seeing a pattern here?) did some yoga, put together my nursing stool and made a pin board for the front hallway (a project that I've been thinking about doing for a while now.)

Today is: Monday, March 11th

I am _40_ weeks _4__ day(s) pregnant

I am feeling: shocked that this pregnancy is almost over. Yes, the last 2 weeks have been a bit of a drain because for some reason I felt that Baby should be here, but when I think about it I feel like I just found out!

Instead of having a baby today I: went to work all day, took a nap, had a nice dinner, played with Whit for a few minutes (it was tough to compete withe Nana and the exclusive "coffee club") and finished the baby gown. (yeah!)

Today is: Sunday, March 10th

I am _40_ weeks _3__ day(s) pregnant

I am feeling: good.  Starting to get anxious about when baby will come and trying to keep calm, relaxed and patient. 

Instead of having a baby today I: slept in (thanks Nana, and the time change), went to church, took a few passes at the big hill by my house, took a 2 hour nap, had a great dinner and went on a date with my wonderful husband. 

Today is: Saturday, March 9th

I am _40_ weeks _2__ day(s) pregnant

I am feeling: pretty good. I am considering coming up with some interesting answers to the obvious "you haven't had that baby yet?" questions.  Either that or I may become a recluse...

Instead of having a baby today I: made far too many pancakes for breakfast, cleaned the house (yes, again...) enjoyed a few hours of baseball in amazing almost-spring weather, took a nap, went out to dinner with the family, had some ice cream, and nearly finished the baby gown that I thought surely I wouldn't get to before this child arrived.

Today is: Friday, March 8th
I am _40_ weeks _1__ day(s) pregnant
I am feeling: a little tired still. We are all a little sniffly so no one in the house is sleeping very well.  Not excited about working and not thinking a baby is coming.
Instead of having a baby today I: went to school all day, had a pedicure (yum!) then picked up Whit and enjoyed watching him run around at the baseball field for several hours. 

Today is: Thursday, March 7th
I am _40_ weeks _0__ day(s) pregnant
I am feeling: tired.  Whit had a nighttime accident and I couldn't get back to sleep.  I really need a nap.  But... feeling ok about NOT having a baby today.
Instead of having a baby today I: went to my doctors' appointment and cleaned the house (Specifically, I scrubbed the bathtub in case I need to labor there).  Then I went grocery shopping, picked up Whit from school and went to HVA to have lunch with Kirk (and Whit).  I missed napping with Whit because he woke up early, so we made chicken pot pie and angel food cake with whipped cream... all from scratch (and it's only 6:30).

The countdown ends on March 16th because I finally went into labor.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


So, coincidentally (or not) our sermon last Sunday involved numerology.  We discussed how 3 means the trinity, 7 means perfection, 10 is completeness.  And 40, well, 40 means "a long time."

Yes, 40 weeks seems to be a long time.  But, when you think about your life, 9 months isn't really that big of a chunk. Why not enjoy it? Why wish for it to be over (other than really, really wanting to meet this little lady!?)

In addition, a quote was shared with me this week that pretty much sums it up. "‎Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we're waiting for." -Charles Stanley

March 1st- March 7th - the BIG DAY! (or not)

In my mind, I knew it was unlikely that I would birth before 40 weeks. Yes, statistically there was about a 50/50 chance this angel would join us before that.  But realistically when you consider family history and the fact that Whit was born after 41 weeks the numbers start to skew toward that 40-42 mark. (Even the 41-42 mark)

Some good news? Baby is growing and moving and just enjoying being snug and warm right now.  And Mommy is enjoying the last days (or weeks, or hours!) of being pregnant. The "to-do" list is nearly complete (ok, the house will never be "clean"), and everything is ready for Baby except Baby herself.  Plus, the help arrives in just a couple of days.  Nana Renegar and Opie will be here for a few days before Grams Hylton gets in from Alaska.  So... Mommy can put her feet up and relax.  Or, more likely, spend some time squatting and doing cat-cow to move the bambino into a good birth position.

Most practitioners start discussing induction after 40 or 41 weeks (the OB I saw last week actually mentioned inducing right at 40 weeks....) but I'm comfortable being pregnant as long as this little one needs me to be.  Some babies just need a little more time to develop and induction comes with more risks than staying pregnant once you really look at it.  Thankfully, now that I've discussed it with them, the OBs at UT are also comfortable with me continuing this pregnancy as God intends.  I'm sure we will need to take a closer look if I make it to 42 weeks, but that gives Baby Girl and I a full 14 days to get down to business.

39.5 weeks
Big Brother

Whit is finally starting to get the fact that a new little soul is joining our family.  When I set up the co-sleeper he got very excited and said "Yeah! The Baby's bed is here!" then when we put the carseat in the car a few days later he completely *got* that the seat was for the baby.  Then he yelled at my belly and told the baby to "come out, please!" Something he clearly picked up on from his father.


Daddy is getting more excited by the day.  Earlier this week we had a bit of a false alarm and it really put into perspective how soon this baby will be here.

Days, really.... just not today.... So, to all of those I love who want to know:  Have I had the baby yet? 

P.S. Statistics again...  
Odds of having the baby in the next week (by 41 weeks, March 13th) 64%
Odds of having the baby in the 2 weeks (by 42 weeks, March 20th) 96%
Odds of having the baby in the next 3 weeks (by 43 weeks, March 28th) 100%

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The List

I think I've written before on nesting...  Sometimes I feel as though I've been nesting this entire pregnancy.  And, really, it was the same with Whit.  Both times I've spent a good portion of the beginning and middle part of my pregnancy organizing everything so that I won't feel guilty during my leave.

This time I've also been stocking the deep freezer and doing other sometimes random things.  Baking and sewing projects have been a focus (maybe because this is a girl?) and I have just one or two things left on the list before I will feel absolutely ready for baby.  I do have some more sewing projects I want to finish, but I figure I'll have some time coming up to work on them since I thankfully do not have to return to work ASAP.

I'm just now getting away from organizing and into cleaning, so I know baby won't be here today, but it's getting closer.  I resorted to scrubbing the walls about 4 days before I went into labor with Whit so I'm expecting that to be a sure sign of things to come!

Cooking/Food Projects

Stock the freezer
Make meals for after baby
For some reason I decided I needed a sourdough starter...

That makes great cinnamon rolls....

And bread!

The nearly full deep freezer

The very full fridge/freezer

Read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
Read Childbirth Without Fear
Write Birth Plan 

Sewing/Crafy Projects

Hospital gowns for delivery
Hospital gowns for after baby comes (nearly finished!)
Baby hat (decreasing...)
Baby gown
Receiving Blankets


Setup co-sleeper
Setup carseat
Organize clothing
Install diaper sprayer (showing up today!)
Organize laundry area
Pack hospital bag and Baby bag

Unexpected Nesting Projects
Organizing Whit's toys
Cleaning out the fridge
Cleaning the car (several times)

Under the Big Top

It's been more than a week since we trooped our family out to the "Big Top" to enjoy the Ringling Brothers Circus.  (I'm sure you'll forgive me for not getting this post up sooner).

Although Whit enjoyed himself at the circus, he did not get as fired up as Kirk and I expected.  He was interested in seeing the motorcycles and kept asking about the elephants, but for the most part was enraptured, or awed, or perhaps confused by what he saw. 

However, it was nice to get out of the house and enjoy the company of our small family before it gets larger. Enjoy pictures below! 

At dinner before the show


This is the most excited face... right after we saw the elephants!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

39 weeks...and counting

February 22-27

To begin this, I thought I'd include a link to the March of Dimes where they discuss why at least 39 weeks gestation is best for your baby.  Now, if a baby comes naturally before that "magical" 39 week mark, it's probably because it was ready.  But this follows my 37 weeks - full term post nicely and since I just wrapped up my 39th week and am now working on my 40th, I thought it was a good time to include it.

All of the mainstream "fetal development" websites that I check have begun talking about caring for a newborn and how to recognize labor (which isn't happening yet).  So I'm forced to look at recent research which states that baby just continues to grow a little bigger this week. And, the most important items, the brain and lungs, continue to develop (although I know that brain of hers won't be fully grown and developed until her early 20's).

I can tell that baby is getting bigger and longer.  I'm starting to get little feet underneath my ribs which hasn't been an issue so far this pregnancy.  She seems more solid this week and more ready to enter the world.  I still think she's smaller than Big Brother, but the longer I'm pregnant the more confident I am that she will be a healthy average to above average size.

So what are the odds Baby Girl will arrive soon? I posted the odds chart here, so let's just look at the bottom line.

There's a 20% chance the baby will come within the next week or February 28 to March 6th. 

More realistically, there's a 75% chance that Baby will be here by March 15th and a 95% chance she'll be here by March 20th. (Sometimes I think I do like statistics...)

As much as I sometimes think it will happen, I won't be pregnant forever!

Big Brother

When I was 39 weeks pregnant with Big Brother, we were playing the waiting game, just as we are this time around.  The big difference this time is that Mommy and Daddy are both a little more busy and less able to dwell on the fact that Baby Girl has yet to make her debut.  Big Brother is a big reason for Mommy being so much more busy!

This week Daddy had his first scrimmage game.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to make it out because Mommy is just a little too pregnant to be chasing around an active 2 1/2 year old and trying to keep him out of the dugout and off the baseball field during the day.